Celebrate Halloween weddings & decorate appropriately – what fits best?

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Anyone who has decided on an extravagant wedding on Halloween has different options for a Halloween motto. The film “Nightmare before Christmas” can be the main theme, but the pumpkin, bats, black cats or other Halloween figures and motifs can also be in the center, which of course does not mean that you cannot combine several with each other. If you have already found your Halloween wedding dress and only need the right decoration for the wedding, we may be able to help you with our decoration ideas. Whether you use homemade Halloween decorations or prefer to buy ready-made things is up to you. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for the Halloween wedding and create the perfect decoration that will put everyone in the right mood.

Colors for the Halloween wedding

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The variations for the colors are numerous. On the one hand, the classic orange can be chosen as the main color to give the Halloween festival a warm and autumnal note. But those who value a creepy atmosphere prefer to use darker colors such as black in combination with purple, burgundy or burgundy. You can create glamor with metallic nuances such as copper, gold, brass or silver, while the white color looks elegant and stylish. The neutral black and white is also great for the design of the Halloween wedding.

Ornamental pumpkin decoration ideas

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The pumpkin is probably the most typical motif for this festival. That is why it is always more than desired at whatever type of celebration. Depending on which color theme you have chosen, you have the choice between different types of pumpkin, which not only have different shapes, but can also be found in numerous colors. If the classic pumpkin in orange for a stylish Halloween wedding and as a Halloween decoration with pumpkin is too boring for you, you can also fall back on an elegant decoration with a pumpkin in white, which ensures a particularly elegant look. Pumpkins can also be individually designed with any color or decorative elements such as glitter or stones.

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Ornamental pumpkins can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can create a rather creepy and mystical atmosphere if you use them as classic lanterns and carve grimaces. But even without grimaces, they make beautiful lanterns. Small variations in particular can be hollowed out and used as table decorations. Uncored ones are, in turn, well suited as stands for name cards or table numbers. In addition, they make great vases for pretty bouquets, but they are also beautiful eye-catchers in simple groups. Or how about using a pumpkin instead of a ring pillow? Another great idea is to use a pumpkin of any color as a guest book. An artificial one is preferable here so that you will have it as a memory forever.

Halloween wedding decorate with skulls and skeletons


Skulls are more than just perfect for the wedding decoration of a Halloween wedding and a great idea if you are looking for a creepy Halloween decoration. In addition, they can even be a very elegant decoration. There are many different versions of skulls to buy and they can be used as simple figures. Whether in classic white or black or another Halloween color or decorated with rhinestones, it does not matter and depends on the style of the rest of the wedding decoration. You can have the wedding cake made with a skull yourself.


Alternatively, whole skeletons can be used for wedding decorations. They look great not only as table decorations for weddings. The skeleton decoration can also be implemented in the form of cake figures and replace the classic bridal couple or hang on the walls and the ceiling. A larger skeleton can also welcome the guests in front of the hall and exude the right atmosphere at the entrance.

Spider webs for the Halloween wedding


Complete the decoration for the wedding with artificial spider webs and give the hall the finishing touch. Decorate the ceiling or the corners of the room, the chandeliers, candlesticks and tables and, in addition, distribute a few spiders. The desserts and the wedding cake can also be designed with painted nets. The best thing to do is to give the impression that the ballroom has not been entered for decades.

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The areas outside the hall can also be decorated with spider webs. And if your Halloween wedding takes place outside, then even more so. Use trees and other elements and combine them with different decorations for a unique atmosphere on your big day that none of the guests will soon forget.

Decoration with coffin


You can also decorate with coffins. The variants are also numerous here. On the one hand, a dessert table can be set up in a suitable shape. But also miniatures for the decoration of the tables at the Halloween wedding are interesting and suitable eye-catchers and can be combined with other decorations such as pumpkins or skeletons. If you have also planned small guest favors, you can pack them in coffin-shaped boxes to match the wedding motto.



Great vases that adapt to the theme are also cauldrons. With the help of floral foam, pretty arrangements of flowers in any color can be put together, whereby other elements such as dry flowers, twigs or small decorative pumpkins can also be incorporated. The kettles are also a nice packaging for guest favors or if you want to serve desserts and snacks on the dessert table in a special way.


How to make a bouquet yourself can be seen in the instructions above. With some artificial or real flowers, the table decoration is made quick and easy, so that you can even save a lot of money. Your relatives or friends are sure to want to help too.

Imitating blood at the Halloween wedding


Artificial blood can be used and made in a number of different ways, depending on what you want to use it for. So you can decorate the glasses with red syrup. Then the drinks should also go well with the syrup. Even the cake can be made bloody, or you can hang some bloody sheets here and there or use a white tablecloth with blood stains on it. You can also have the cake decorated with blood splatters and thus highlight it particularly well. Blood splatters can also be designed on the guest book and the table numbers or on any other surface.