Bridal make-up: 60 make-up ideas for special occasions


Every bride wants to be the most beautiful on the wedding day – the dress should fit like a glove, the hairstyle should emphasize femininity and the make-up should look natural. How does that look perfect Bridal makeup off, and what should be considered when applying, we will guess in the article.

Bridal makeup – naturally beautiful on the wedding day


That Bridal makeup on the wedding day should not look artificial, but above all look natural. The experts therefore advise not to overdo it with your make-up, in which case the golden rule applies – it is better to apply too little than too much! For perfect styling, the future bride should seek advice in the shop so that she can choose the right colors of lipstick, fond du complexion and blush.

Emphasize your beautiful eyes – with a curved eyeliner and cream eyeshadow. Then all that remains is to apply mascara. Avoid using kohl on the waterline – it is guaranteed not to last all day and can irritate the eyes. So that the dramatic eyes come into their own, the lips are emphasized with a pink lip gloss.

Builds make-up – properly make-up on cheekbones and subtly emphasize lips

Bridal makeup-bronze-eyeshadow-pink-lipstick

Highlight the cheekbones – smudge a bit of blush / preferably in a tone that looks natural and fresh / upwards / temples /.

For sensual lips – avoid red lips – on the wedding day people kiss, laugh and drink and the red lipstick smears quickly. Accentuate your lips with lip gloss in pink, fuchsia or plum.

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Bridal makeup for blue eyes

Bride Makeup Kajal Pink Eyeshadow Lipstick

Bridal makeup for blue eyes – makeup ideas

Bride-make-up-kohl eyelashes-mascara-apply-blue-eyes

Bridal makeup. Pink lips and curved eyeliner for a fresh face

pink lipstick hair accessories flowers in hair

Romantic hairstyle with curls and beautiful makeup

Make up ideas yourself make dress belts

Pink lips and eyes with purple eyeshadow

Dress curls long blond hair beautiful woman

Even complexion and beautiful lips in a soft pink

fresh makeup spring lipstick peach eyes false eyelashes pink white eyeshadow

Noble and elegant – bride with beautiful eyes and subtle make-up

dark eyes accentuate wedding makeup ideas pale lips complexion pink

Charming – pink blush accentuates the cheeks

Bride beautiful natural makeup eyes cheekbones pink color lipstick

Fantastically beautiful on the wedding day – it is better to have too little make-up instead of too much

Bride beautiful make-up ideas outfit natural look curls hairstyle

Emphasize the eyes with gray eyeshadow

Bride makeup eyes cheekbones emphasize pink blush lipstick

Blush cheeks emphasize a square face nicely

Lips strapless corsage Pointed eyes emphasize mascara kajal

blue pink lipstick black mascara false eyelashes

Lipstick pink color updo curls

Bronze skin color updo veil

Make-up idea bride long hair curls complexion natural

Hair purple eyeshadow pink lipstick dark eyelashes mascara

Apply lip gloss eyeshadow brown kajal cat eyes

pink lipstick purple eyeshadow hair updo

Enlarge natural face complexion Apply make-up evenly

Bronze face glitter bride makeup ideas tips

Make up ideas eyes emphasize black kohl eyeliner

Wedding Makeup Ideas Make Eyes Lips Look Fuller

blonde lipstick black mascara veil flowers in hair

beautiful face brown eyeshadow hair accessories playful

black mascara pink eyeshadow beige Fond du Teint

Makeup bride dark eyes apply purple eyeshadow

Makeup ideas blonde hair blue eyes lipstick eye shadow

Makeup Sprossinge complexion evenly eye mascara lip gloss pink color

Wedding day pink lips nude eyes Fond du Teint Pfirsicht

pink lipstick eyes mascara curved eyeliner hairstyle

Bride naturally blonde hair peach cheeks blush

Eyes emphasize lace mascara flowers in hair

Make-up ideas wedding dress backless lace clad top

Kim Kardashian Wedding Eyes False Lashes Mascara

Make-up tips red hair dark blue eyeshadow eyes emphasize dramatically

Emphasize eyes Bride make-up based on skin type

Lips Bridal Makeup Ideas Apply eye kohl to emphasize blue eyes

Makeup ideas pink lips accentuate cheekbones apply peach blush

Eyes blush lips black dark eyeshadow kohl Make up ideas eyes tips dark hair hairstyle curls Eyebrows emphasize eyes blue nude eyeshadow pink lips lip gloss braided hairstyle

Blush eyes emphasize lace pink lipstick

Eyes emphasize pink lips in nude lipstick color

Make up ideas eyes false lashes pink lips blush

Eyebrows emphasize eyes dark hair black hair accessories

Make-up tips eyeshadow eyebrows lips

Kajal emphasize the top and bottom make-up lips nude bronze cream

pink wedding dress high hairstyle flowers in hair

do it yourself eyes accentuate lips pink lipstick evenly complexion

Ideas nature look beautiful blush after temple blur

Eyes emphasize naturally make-up lace wedding dress

Veil updo photo shoot ideas

Tips ideas eyes lips pink color purple eyeshadow