Bridal gloves as an accessory for the wedding – meaning & 20 ideas

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Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a difficult task. In addition, there are a wide variety of accessories that you can combine with the dress. Whether hair accessories, necklaces, veils and shoes – everything has to match the dress and with the large selection nowadays, the bride can quickly despair. But there is one more accessory that you can consider. These are gloves for the bride that can not only change the entire outfit in a positive way, but also have an interesting meaning. Today we would like to introduce you to the importance of Bridal gloves as well as some wonderful models and tips for these bridal accessories. Then decide for yourself whether you want to combine the dress or another wedding outfit with gloves on the wedding day.

Bridal gloves and their meaning

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Should you still have doubts about which gloves to choose for the big day, their importance in history may convince you. On the one hand, the bridal gloves were a symbol that marked the end of the wedding ceremony. This was still common when the common people could not write or read. A signature was not yet required at that time. As soon as the bride handed over her glove to the groom, it meant that the covenant of marriage was made.

The bridal gloves as a symbol of loyalty

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But that is not the only meaning that the bridal gloves have. They also symbolize love and loyalty, but also the respect that the bride swore to the bridegroom. So, as you can see, the gloves for the bride were much more than just an accessory to the wedding dress. Like the wedding rings, each accessory had a specific meaning.

Gloves instead of wedding rings

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In Belgium, on the other hand, no rings were exchanged in earlier times. This role was taken over by the bridal gloves. At the behest of the future husband, the bride received a red pair of gloves from the pastor during the ceremony. So it was an important accessory for the wedding ceremony. Nowadays the rules are no longer so strict and the gloves can be chosen freely or left out.

Wedding gloves with fabric flowers

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You can find bridal gloves in a wide variety of styles. From simple designs to lavishly designed variants, there is something for every taste. Whether made of lace, silk, tulle or chiffon, decorated with rhinestones, bows or flowers and in different lengths, the right model for your dream dress can be found.

Long gloves for the bride

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Bridal gloves that are long and reach the upper arm are particularly elegant. These can be equipped with fingers, but they can also be fingerless. Those with fingers have the disadvantage that the wedding ring has to be chosen larger so that it fits on the glove. Later the wedding ring has to be made smaller again.

Elegant gloves as an accessory

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This is too cumbersome for many. However, if you have decided on this type of glove, you can simply pass the ring on to the best man after handing it over to your finger at a later point in time. A long glove can simply be designed in white, cream or another color or, as shown here, be playful with a bit of lace.

Fingerless gloves for the bride

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Alternatively, there are also models that are long but have no fingers, but are tied to the middle finger with the help of a loop so that they do not slip. This also solves the problem with the size of the wedding ring. And such bridal gloves are no less elegant than those with fingers, you don’t think?

Lace bridal gloves

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If you want a model that is not too distracting from the wedding dress, it is best to choose bridal gloves that are short and only cover the hands and wrists. They look more playful and at least as attractive as the long versions. There are also short gloves with and without fingers. Which of the two options you choose depends, among other things, on the time of year in which your wedding takes place.

Short bridal gloves

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Gloves with fingers are best for a winter wedding. The bridal gloves for the winter keep the hands warm enough and make the entire ceremony and wedding celebration more comfortable for the bride. However, they are not a good option in the summer as they will make you sweat quickly and make you feel uncomfortable.

Match gloves to the dress

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The best way to narrow down the selection is to look for models that also go with dress. Either way, this is an important requirement. If your dress has lace, it is recommended that the bridal gloves are at least partially lace. A simple dress can in turn be combined with equally simple gloves.

Pretty gloves for the bride

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The same goes for the color, of course. If you have chosen a wedding dress in champagne, it is recommended that you also find champagne-colored bridal gloves with it. Cream-colored bridal gloves or white with rhinestones should also go with the dress. An exception can be made if the dress has a different color, but all other accessories such as shoes, veils or hair accessories have the same color as the gloves.

Leather gloves with a slit

Bridal gloves-leather-white-accessory-bridal-winter-wedding

These gloves look very playful, although they are made of fine leather. The reason for this is the slot, which is an additional eye-catcher because it is filled with a little bit of point. In this way, the bridal gloves open up a view of the hands, even though it is a model with fingers. This is again a great variant for the cold months of the year. And the gloves can also be worn in everyday life after the wedding every winter.

Ruched gloves for the bride

bridal gloves-ring-jewelry-half-length-gathered-mint-green-dress-tulle

Here you can see another idea for half-length bridal gloves. Maybe you’re even looking for something in between. Another interesting thing about this model is the ruffled look, which makes the otherwise simple, plain gloves look more playful. A very thin material was used, on which the wedding ring would also fit if necessary. This is best tried in store.

Cream gloves for the bride

Bridal gloves-crochet-mesh-bow-accent-wedding-dress

Many variations are possible for vintage style bridal gloves. Depending on the theme of the wedding, leather, but also lace, is suitable. That also depends on the wedding dress. In addition, the accessories do not always have to be purchased. You can make many things yourself. So do the gloves. You can also easily crochet the bridal gloves for a vintage flair.

Champagne-colored bridal gloves

Bridal gloves-skin-color-short-fingerless-tip-gold-nails

Since the skin color is very popular for the wedding dress, it is only logical that gloves are also offered in this color. They are less noticeable than the white models, for example because they adapt to your skin color. You can then create eye-catchers with your nail design or any jewelry.

Colored bridal gloves

Bridal gloves-colored-multicolored-pastel-colored-green-pink-soft-fabric

And if you like it particularly extravagant, you can also choose a color that is rather untypical for the bridal outfit. However, we remind you again that you should combine these with other suitable accessories. Such should be offered in the bridal shop. Above you can see a pretty model made of lace and pastel colors like pink, mint green and salmon color.

Black gloves with sequins and pearls

Bridal gloves-black-lace-extravagant-rhinestones-bridal accessories

Bridal gloves in black are without a doubt very extravagant and certainly not suitable for every taste. The above model stands out not only because of its color, but also because of the elaborate design, which consists of lace decorated with sequins and pearls. You can also look for underwear to go with it, with which you can surprise the new husband on their wedding night.

black and white

Bridal gloves-accent-black-pearl-decoration-rings-nail-design-gold

A black model does not have to be designed as conspicuously as the model just mentioned. This variant, which only adorns part of the hand and wrist, is a bit more discreet. The gloves are given a particularly elegant touch by the white pearls, which at the same time playfully gather the lace fabric.

Playful motifs

bridal gloves-playful-hearts-motifs-gold-jewelry-hands

These bridal gloves are playful and classy at the same time. The playful side was characterized by the lace and of course the heart motifs, while the golden color provides the necessary balance with its elegance. A nail design in golden color was chosen to match. The fingerless model covers the entire hand and has a hole for the thumb for a better grip.