Bridal bouquet of dried flowers: a lasting memory of your big day!

Dried flowers have shed their old-fashioned reputation and become one of the biggest floristry trends. They not only look beautiful as a wreath or in a vase, but also replace the classic wedding bouquet. The calm, pale colors of the dried flowers and the variety of textures are ideal for both vintage and modern weddings. Unusual flowers, seed pods and dried grasses can be stylishly presented as a bouquet or wedding decoration and can bring you joy long after the wedding, as they are long-lasting. Here we have collected the most beautiful ideas for a bridal bouquet made of dried flowers.

Bridal bouquet made of dried flowers: a trend that is becoming more and more popular with florists and brides

Bridal bouquet nature in beige and white for boho wedding

While dried flowers are less colorful and fragrant than fresh cut flowers, these eternal beauties have beautiful muted and warm colors, as well as many different varieties and textures. Don’t just think of dried roses or lavender (although we love these too!). From fluffy fronds to filigree grasses and cotton twigs – the selection in all shapes and colors is huge. Regardless of whether you want a bridal bouquet made entirely of dried flowers or want to combine dried elements with fresh flowers for your wedding day, you will find plenty of inspiration with us!

What dried flowers for your wedding bouquet?

Wedding bouquet in white with lunaria and chamomile

While you can dry almost any flower, some work better than others in bouquets and arrangements. For wedding floristry, go for something sturdy so you don’t have to pick up fallen petals all day – your florist can advise you on what would be best for your wedding. Particularly popular for the bridal bouquet made of dried flowers are:

  • Grasses such as pampas grass, pennon cleaner grass, sedge (Carex), wheat stalks and hare tails
  • green branches like eucalyptus and olive branches
  • frond of palm leaves and ferns
  • Branches of Lunaria (also known as silver leaf), cotton, and pussy willow
  • plants such as craspedia (also known as drumstick), gomphrena (spherical amaranth), artichoke and thistle flowers
  • Seed pods, z. B. of poppy seeds, physalis and lotus
  • Dried flowers such as hydrangea, delphinium, chamomile, sea lavender (Limonium), foxtail (Amaranthus), gypsophila, roses, sedum, lavender, carnations, rice flower (Ozothamnus), king protea and straw flower (Helichrysum)

What makes dried flowers so perfect for weddings

Wedding bouquet of dried flowers Protea Hydrangea and Co in beige

  • Dried flowers are suitable for a variety of wedding styles – from boho to vintage to zero waste weddings. Ornamental grasses also create a unique atmosphere at a minimalist-modern wedding celebration.
  • The nice thing about using naturally dried and preserved flowers is that they require little maintenance and no water. They can therefore be prepared in advance, which is great for boutonnières, backdrops for ceremonies or hanging flower decorations.
  • They are a fantastic option if you are planning a wedding in the summer or in a location with a warmer climate.

Trendy bouquet of dried flowers for wedding

  • You can incorporate a sentimental flower with special meaning for you and your partner in the bridal bouquet of dried flowers. Perhaps you still have the first rose your partner bought for you or a bunch of lavender from your grandma’s garden. Just ask your florist if they can work this into your bouquet.
  • Dried flowers can be an inexpensive alternative to fresh cut flowers.
  • Do you want to pay attention to sustainability at your wedding? Dried wedding flowers are an eco-friendly wedding idea because they last a long time and remain a nice souvenir of your big day. For long durability, spray your bridal bouquet twice with strong hairspray.

How to combine dried flowers with fresh flowers

bridal bouquet large with eucalyptus and white roses

Do you like the idea of ​​dried flowers, but don’t want a bridal bouquet or wedding decoration made entirely of dried flowers? Then you can combine dried elements with fresh cut flowers.

Using dried grasses or twigs as accents alongside fresh flowers also works great, adding an unexpected twist to a bouquet or flower arrangement. When combining dried with real flowers, use similar shades.

A bouquet of rabbit tails in pastel looks very nice

bridal bouquet of fluffy dry flowers in pastel colors

Bridal bouquet of dried flowers tied into a masterpiece

wedding bouquet of dry flowers for casual wedding

The dried flower trend has become an indispensable part of wedding floristry

Long stemmed bridal bouquet for boho wedding

Dried flower bridal bouquet in white is perfect for a winter wedding

Bridal bouquet of white dried flowers in a natural look

A rustic bridal bouquet in gray-green, beige and brown tones

bridal bouquet boho summer craspedia, dahlias and grasses

Sustainable and long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers

Bridal bouquet in white with Lunaria silver leaf

An interesting eye-catcher in the hands of the bride

wedding bouquet of dried flowers in beige and orange

Dried flowers and grasses are also available in pink and white

bridal bouquet long in pink and white

The grasses give the bouquet a casual touch

bridal bouquet boho summer in beige and green

Fantastically beautiful bridal bouquet in autumn colors

bridal bouquet boho autumn in orange red and beige

The purple eucalyptus leaves complete the picture perfectly

dry flowers bouquet in orange, purple, beige and red

Combine different textures in the bouquet

Bridal bouquet in boho vintage style with roses grass and cotton

A bouquet of dried flowers in a delicate gray-green tone

Bridal bouquet of dried flowers in muted colors for a wedding in the woods

Apricot and rosé always create a happy mood

Bridal bouquet dried in peach and white

Long ornamental grasses add height to the bouquet

boho style bridal bouquet for summer wedding

This bouquet of dried lavender conveys a Provence flair

Bouquet of dried flowers - lavender and white rabbit tails

Dried flowers in blue are perfect for a casual wedding in the woods

bridal fashion boho vintage and wedding bouquet in purple

You can also tie filigree lace ribbons to the boho bouquet

Bridal bouquet in boho style made of dried flowers

Durable bridal bouquet made of lavender and cotton in delicate shades of purple

Bridal bouquet in purple and white for winter wedding

Beautiful wedding bouquet in orange tones

Bridal bouquet in orange and white for autumn wedding

Minimalist and elegant in ecru

Natural bridal bouquet completely in beige

Protea flowers look exotic and casual at the same time

Long bridal bouquet made of protea and ornamental grasses

Dried flowers can also be beautifully integrated into backdrops for ceremonies and table decorations

Bridal bouquet for autumn wedding from fresh and dried flowers in orange tones

Bridal bouquet and lapel bouquet should match each other

Bridal bouquet and boutonniere with cotton and red accents

A small bridal bouquet made of dried flowers is also perfect if they are only getting married in a civil ceremony

Tulle dress in pink for the registry office and a small bridal bouquet of dried flowers