Boho wedding dress for the beach wedding – Typical features & ideas

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Boho-chic wedding dresses are also very much in trend in 2017. And that’s no wonder either! Apart from the fact that they look romantic and casual, they are also extremely comfortable to wear and, in combination with suitable hair accessories, create the perfect mood. Especially if you have planned a beach wedding where either heat or wind is to be expected, it is of great importance that you feel comfortable in your wedding outfit. And the boho-style wedding dress with its airy properties is wonderfully suitable for this. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the variants of the comfortable and casual boho wedding dress.

boho wedding dress beach wedding silk chiffon ladies straps embroidery

In principle, all bohemian outfits not only look comfortable, they are too. But how is it that even this particular dress is so comfortable? Very simple: The design does without the relatively uncomfortable and tight corsages, which can make you sweat quickly, especially in summer, and the hoop skirt, which restricts your movements to a certain extent. So you feel as relaxed as you do in everyday life. And the hippie wedding dress doesn’t make you look less romantic and feminine! Playful wedding dresses with a short cut or wedding dresses with lace, lace flounces, delicate necklines and a natural look ensure that the brides can feel particularly special on their big day. A certain vintage flair is also added to the bohemian wedding dress. For this purpose, the coarse lace typical of hippies is replaced by retro lace.

Boho wedding dress – materials and optics

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Light and flowing fabrics are used for the boho wedding dress. This also includes silk and chiffon, which are best shown to advantage in the A-line or in the Empire style. That is why these cuts are the most common. The fabric is combined with crochet lace, fringes or feathers and, if a more glamorous look is desired, with pearls and embroidery. Just as the boho style wedding dress can be strapless, it can also have very thin or slightly wider straps or even short sleeves or trumpet sleeves, also known as bell sleeves. Usually the dress is floor length. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with length too. A deep, romantic neckline for the cleavage or back is very popular. You can also consider the so-called valance, which we will come back to below.

Babydoll boho wedding dress chic


In principle, this is a design that is reminiscent of the clothes of vintage dolls. It has a wide cut, usually with a straight neckline and straight straps. The area above the waist and directly below the bust can be equipped with a belt or ribbon. Usually only the top is decorated with lace or other elements, while the skirt remains plain and white or in antique white.

Sleeves for the boho wedding dress


While the babydoll model looks more playful and girlish, models with long sleeves are more elegant. The sleeves are particularly effective when they are richly decorated. The trumpet sleeves are somewhat reminiscent of fairy clothes and thus radiate a fairytale look. So that the long-sleeved wedding dress in Boho-Chic style can also appear sufficiently casual and airy, it usually has a deep neckline in the back or in the cleavage.



Flounces are a popular element for the boho wedding dress. This can spice up a strapless dress and make it look feminine, but it can also be combined with straps. A lace flounce can represent the beginning of an ornate dress length or it can be the most striking accent for the dress design. It all depends on how simple or how decorated you would like your boho style wedding dress.

Short wedding dresses


We have already mentioned that the boho wedding dress does not necessarily have to be long, although this is a typical characteristic. Despite the airy cut and fabric, you would prefer to enjoy bare legs in the hot summer and at your beach wedding. Then shorter models for beach weddings are exactly the right choice. Here you can play with the length and also fall back on a wedding dress with lace. Choose a model that reaches above the knees or even slightly below the knees. A design that is shorter at the front and a little longer at the back also looks chic.

Two piece


The advantage of the two-piece is that you can wear both elements to other occasions later. Incidentally, what is meant is a top combined with a skirt. Above all, casual, off-the-shoulder tops with attractive sleeves look very enchanting and wonderfully highlight your femininity. Of course, you decide for yourself whether you choose the crop top or prefer something longer. A lot of lace is recommended for this wedding idea for the beach.

Matching accessories for the boho wedding dress


Additional accessories give the bridal outfit the finishing touch and make it look less strict. Belts made of leather, for example, are very popular to accentuate the waist and also to set a natural, color accent. The belt can form a low, but also a high waist. As an alternative to leather, models with feathers or turquoise stones, i.e. those that are reminiscent of dream catchers, are also suitable. The same goes for jewelry.

boho-wedding-dress-beach-wedding-flounce-lace flounce-white-headdress-flower

The boho wedding dress is also often decorated with flowers. You decide for yourself whether you use real flowers or artificial ones. You can use them to highlight the back or the neckline at the front. They are also great in the form of a belt and of course as a fringe of hair. Since you have planned a boho wedding on the beach, suitable flowers are desired, which can also be combined with shells and other objects from the sea.