9 examples of a pretty hairstyle for the wedding


1. Every bride already has a few ideas about what her overall look should look like for her wedding. This video example for a Hairstyle for the wedding consists of a beautiful bow made from the hair itself. To do this, first tease the upper half of the hair and then tie it together. The curling iron that is used is great for all curling hairstyles. The bow itself is surprisingly very easy to shape and can go with any bridal look.

A chic hairstyle for the wedding – the bow


2. This Hairstyle for the wedding is perfect for the bride who prefers a softer look that is quick to do. It is also perfect with a strapless wedding dress to cover the bare shoulders a little. The braid looks very complicated at first glance, but consists of just two ordinary plaits that are connected to each other and requires some arm strength. After loosening the braids a bit on the outer sides, you can secure them together with clamps. Make sure that you attach the clips to the rear so that they cannot be seen. Then add the Hairstyle for the wedding add a cute accessory to set an accent.

A great hairstyle for the wedding – the mermaid braid


3. For the classic bride, this elegant and traditional one is suitable Hairstyle for the wedding Well. After you have fixed the two twisted sides of the hair with bobby pins, you can choose which braid you want to use. For a slightly more casual look, try a neat herringbone braid. The rope-like braids in the video example make for a pretty, neat look.

The romantic curls


4. Every bride has during the deliberations for the right one Hairstyle for the wedding Have considered loose hair at least once. This example creates a romantic look that is loose and soft. The hairstyle goes perfectly with dresses made of fabrics such as chiffon or silk. It doesn’t matter which direction the curls go. All you should do is make sure that they are in order. Use a couple of sprays of hairspray in between each curl.

A wedding hair bun


5. The bun is one of the most classic Hairstyle for the wedding, that the bride can choose. Instead of styling the classic bun, you should try the topknot. A great idea, as seen in the video, is to use U-clamps instead of ordinary ones. Also pay attention to the clamping technique that is used in the video. Plus, the hair also falls in a great way and naturally spreads out once the bottom part is pinned in place.

The high bun

Chantille-hair-bun-wedding-hairstyles-long hair

6. The high bun as Hairstyle for the wedding goes particularly well with dresses with embellishments or a complicated neckline. The first thing you need to do is brush your hair well to avoid small strands of hair sticking out later. Then you should repeat the whole thing with a brush with soft bristles so that the hair is even softer. The video also uses a toothbrush and hairspray to do this, which is a very nifty idea. It is important that you tie the ponytail as high as possible so that the bun acts as a Hairstyle for the wedding afterwards sitting nicely on the head. It is also beneficial to know the various techniques for creating a bun using a sock.

Medium-length hair as a hair-knot


7. This Hairstyle for the wedding is suitable for the glamorous bride. They also do well those ladies who have curly hair. If your hair isn’t curly, don’t worry. After all, you can lure them beforehand. The ordinary hair band is the first step towards this Hairstyle for the wedding and you can add the decorated ribbon if you wish. The way the hair is twisted is also handy for other hairstyles and something that can always help you once you learn it.

The low bun


8. A low bun is also a very popular one Hairstyle for the wedding. He’s looser and more romantic. The instruction in this video is extremely interesting as it is where the hair is literally tied up to create the bun. And a new way of designing a bun never hurts. Make sure that every single knot is made in the same way. The knots make for a great look as soon as the knot is fixed with bobby pins. Now wrap the rest of the strands around the bun and your bun hairstyle is ready.

Classic topknot


9. A knot is always considered a classic Hairstyle for the wedding. After curling all of your hair and tying the top half back, twist each individual strand around under that part. The hairstyle takes a lot of time so you should arm yourself with a lot of patience as you follow each step.

Two ideas for romantic wedding hairstyles


A bun made of larger strands of straight hair