50+ pictures for the wedding dress in yellow – numerous nuances & combinations are possible!

Wedding dress in yellow for the bride with a mermaid effect and lots of tulle

Many a future bride opts for a colored wedding dress in order to break all traditions and to attract attention. And colored wedding dresses are really impressive too. The sunny yellow in particular is a big favorite and can be chosen in strong nuances as well as in a pastel shade or just as an accent in a white dress. Even if the selection of clothes in yellow, or in color in general, is not nearly as large as with white models or champagne, one can say that it is big enough. Nevertheless, we recommend that you start your search in good time if you want to choose the wedding dress in yellow. Today we are going to show you some attractive models to convince you of the idea. Take a look at the different options for models and shades and learn how to combine the yellow wedding dress with other colors.

Wedding Dress in Yellow – The Meaning of Color

Wedding dress in yellow for a boho wedding with a bridal bouquet in autumn colors

Yellow is happy, yellow is cheerful, yellow is relaxed. The many positive properties of this shade have already been described by Goethe. And the happy mood that the wedding dress in yellow exudes is guaranteed not only to you, but also to all guests present. That’s one more reason to choose this dress color. Nevertheless, there are also claims that the yellow color has a rather negative effect on the future marriage if it is chosen for the wedding dress. The marriage should then only last 6 years and be characterized by numerous arguments and tears. Whether or not you believe it is your decision. But we believe that such a great color can neither be negative nor influence a relationship.

Wedding dress in yellow – shades and combinations

Original, yellow wedding dress with train and sleeves, red shoes and a red bridal bouquet

As with all other colors, yellow has a wide variety of nuances. Accordingly, the wedding dress in yellow is also offered in a wide variety of nuances. Which is the right one depends, among other things, on the wedding theme in general, but also on the effect you want to achieve. A nice advantage of the color yellow for the wedding dress is that it makes the skin shimmer and highlight. Of course, this also has a positive effect on the wedding photos. In the following we have compiled a few variants for you.

The trend color mustard yellow for the wedding dress with short sleeves or lace

Strong yellow

Even if yellow is not really an aggressive or intrusive color in itself, few brides who are looking for a wedding dress in yellow dare to use this somewhat bolder color. It is particularly suitable when not only the wedding celebration, but also the wedding dress should be pompous. Yellow as an alternative to classic white is already an eye-catcher, but with a strong nuance such as sun yellow, lemon yellow or mustard yellow, guests are guaranteed to be amazed.

Delicate vanilla for a yellow wedding dress with a strapless design and a bow

Pale yellows

If you don’t want the difference to classic white to be that big, opt for pastel yellow. Of course, there are also different variants here, because a pale shade can be a bit stronger or not. Vanilla, for example, is very popular for the wedding dress in yellow, but can also be chosen as an accent for a bright yellow dress. Pale yellow is generally more delicate and feminine, almost girly and very romantic.

Wedding dress in yellow with gold shimmer for an elegant bride

Golden yellow

A golden yellow wedding dress exudes a touch of elegance. It is a strong shade towards dark yellow. This color works particularly well when a shiny fabric is also used for the wedding dress. You emphasize the elegance by choosing the wedding dress figure-hugging. But even with large models, the color tone looks extremely attractive. Feel like a queen on your wedding day! In addition to elegance, gold and golden yellow also exude a certain maturity and look ladylike.

Neon yellow for the whole dress or as an accent for brave brides

Neon yellow

For the very brave among you, the glowing neon yellow is suitable. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, but some brides want to go all out and break all the rules. Then neon is exactly the right choice. The entire wedding dress can be chosen in yellow neon. But this bright shade also works very well as an accent in the middle of a simpler color. With hair accessories in the same color, you can add the finishing touches to the bridal look.

Vera Wang wedding dresses in beige and cream with yellow accents and lots of tulle

Yellow as an accent

We have already mentioned that yellow can only be used as an accent for the wedding dress in yellow. For example, only the hem of the dress can be yellow or you can choose a classic wedding dress in white and tie a yellow bow or belt around your waist. The ombre effect is also very chic, in which white gradually fades into yellow. A nice example of wedding dresses with the color yellow as an accent are the models by Vera Wang, in which the yellow tone was combined with a beige or cream-colored fabric.

Yellow, black and white as a color combination and a hairstyle in western style

Ideas for combining with other colors

Strong yellow can be wonderfully combined with vanilla. All yellow tones, in turn, go well with gold, so a wedding dress in yellow can withstand golden embroidery and other embellishments very well. Of course, contrasts can also be chosen to create an interesting outfit. For example, red and yellow are a great combination where red can be chosen for the bridal bouquet or for the shoes. But yellow and purple also look attractive. Brown and yellow also go together, as do other nuances of the color brown, as is the case with Vera Wang’s clothes. All the colors mentioned can be both an accent and the main color for the accent color yellow, or they can be used as a second color for the yellow tone.

Beach wedding with a tight-fitting wedding dress and bolero in yellow

The groom can wear a blue, brown or black suit if you choose a yellow wedding dress. Blue-gray is also suitable and, like blue, represents an interesting contrast to the bride’s outfit, while brown or beige nestle against the yellow dress. Black is a neutral color and therefore a good option to bring out the yellow dress even better.

Wedding dress in yellow in the picture gallery

Velvet in golden yellow creates a beautiful shimmer and looks very noble

In order to finally convince you once again of the magic of this wedding dress color, we have a gallery for you in the following, in which you can find different models. Regardless of whether you want to use the yellow dress for the registry office or for the official celebration, an attractive model in this color is guaranteed to leave a positive impression and let the guests talk about it for weeks after the wedding.

Wedding dress in yellow with decorated shoulders and a wide skirt

Instead of a wedding dress in yellow, you can also opt for a two-piece model in which a corset or other type of top is combined with an elegant skirt. In this way you have the option of combining two different shades of yellow or creating contrasts. So if you don’t want to go without yellow but just can’t find the right yellow wedding dress, this is a wonderful alternative. The skirt can also have any cut and thus be wide, close-fitting, short, long or medium-length, as well as simple or pompous decorated.

These wedding dresses in strong and bright yellow are simple and attractive at the same time

Off the shoulder fairy wedding dress in yellow and white

Tulle and embroidery in yellow and white for ombre effect

Mustard yellow crochet wedding dress and light yellow retro wedding dress with a matching hairstyle

Light yellow skirt and mustard yellow top for a two-piece outfit for the bride for the wedding

Wedding dress in yellow in different shades - sunflower yellow, neon yellow and pastel gel

Wedding dress in yellow with scarf and red bridal bouquet as a combination to the dress

Loose hair for the bride in a mustard yellow boho wedding dress with sleeves and a subtle train

Fairytale wedding dress in yellow with roses and strapless for an open bridal hairstyle

A-line dress with lace sleeves combined with yellow hair accessories

Wedding dress in yellow with ruffles and in light yellow for a fairytale wedding

Light yellow dress for the wedding with a plunging neckline, lace and glittering sequins

Light yellow wedding dresses in princess look or with A-line and embroidery as decoration

Golden yellow for the wedding dress creates a noble look like for a queen

Yellow as an accent in the white wedding dress for the ombre effect or for the hem

Layered skirt for a dress in a bold shade of yellow and with black embroidery

Elegant, shiny wedding dress made of silk with a deep cleavage

Pale yellows look feminine and delicate and can be combined with white

Spaghetti straps and a light shade of yellow for an A-line wedding dress

Gatsby wedding dress in yellow and simple model on the catwalk

Wedding dress in yellow as an accent or a second color to white

Wedding dress in yellow with A-line, lace or plain fabrics without embellishments

Pompous wedding dresses in yellow with tulle, ruffles and gathered without straps

Pastel yellow dress and lavishly decorated skirt with silver embroidery

For a boho-style beach wedding, choose a yellow wedding dress

Bustier with rhinestones and without straps and sleeves and a simple, loose skirt

Ruffles for a romantic yellow dress with a matching headdress for an updo

Wedding dress with gloss and simple fabric without embellishments

Boho style with airy and loose fabrics for the wedding dress in yellow