25 ideas for elegant wedding hairstyles with ponytails

Wedding hairstyles with ponytail ideas-volume-hair accessories-backless-dress

Usually, the hair for the wedding is mostly worn open with pretty curls or an updo or a half-open hairstyle is chosen. In this article we would like to show you another variant and you are guaranteed to be amazed at how many possibilities it offers. Are meant Wedding hairstyles with ponytail.

Elegant wedding hairstyles with ponytail

Wedding hairstyles with ponytail ideas-hair accessories-chains

Just don’t be put off by the fact that the ponytail is considered to be the easiest hairstyle to style and mostly used for everyday wear. You will see that there are many creative and elegant variants for Wedding hairstyles with ponytail that are very much perfect for the wedding. This is also proven by many bridal fashion designers, including Alexander Wang and Carolina Herrera.

Ponytail worn on one side


If we still haven’t convinced you, then the following gallery will definitely do it. There you can find all kinds of things Wedding hairstyles with ponytail look, including those that have been decorated with various accessories such as hair clips and flowers. You are sure to find something that suits you!

low ponytail

wedding hairstyles-ponytail-ideas-low-tied-bird-cage-veil-headband


long ponytail perfect for backless wedding dresses

Idea-teased wedding hairstyles with ponytails


 Wedding hairstyles with ponytails – tied low at the nape of the neck


 adorned with small white flowers


 Spice up a long ponytail with elastic bands


 simple and elegant



 high ponytail




high-ponytail-wedding-idea-spice up-heidi-klum

wedding hairstyles with ponytail side-twisted diadem

wedding hairstyles with ponytail-worn-sideways-twist-flower-hair accessories

wedding hairstyles with ponytail-worn sideways-long-brown-hair

wedding hairstyles with ponytail worn sideways-casual-molly-sims

wedding hairstyles-ponytail-worn-sideways-casual

wedding hairstyles with ponytail to the side-birdcage-veil-flower

wedding hairstyles-ponytail-ideas-catwalk

wedding-hairstyle-ponytail-low-tied-curls-hair accessories