25 classic wedding dresses – elegance in the heart of summer

Classic wedding dresses -elegant-bride-groom-married couple-flower wreath

The classic wedding with all its attributes, unforgettable romantic decoration and atmosphere is a dream for every bride. In summer this is not difficult to achieve because nature makes it receptive to spread a beautiful and well organized wedding outdoors as well. Popular in summer fashion 2014 are classic wedding dresses with draperies, or those that consist of several layers of fabric to create volume. The actually classic lace is very trendy nowadays and the embroidery is also present in the design of the wedding dresses.

25 classic wedding dresses that will transform you into a princess

classic wedding dresses -elegant-train-lace-teal-long-flowers

Take a look at the following elegant wedding dresses, you might find your dream dress that is perfect for you. Any sophisticated bride will look beautiful in a classic, elegant wedding dress. All classic wedding dresses, presented here have a long cut and are richly decorated. The fabrics are classic too – tulle, satin, chiffon and lace. The embroidery is an indispensable element of the bridal attire. 

Classic wedding dresses that create an elegant wedding look

Classic wedding dresses -elegant-princess-lace-collar-white

Here are 20 fairytale and imaginative wedding dresses, they are so perfect, they are sure to make you happy and satisfied on your wedding day.

 Classic wedding dresses with lace in the 20s style

classic wedding dresses -elegant-lace-vintage-20s-belt

Simple classic V-neck wedding dresses

classic wedding dresses -elegant-plain-simple-white-v-neck

A great wedding dress with a mermaid cut, lace


Very elegant lace dress with V-neck


A rich chiffon dress with lace sleeves


An elegant cut made of decorated chiffon


Classic dress with lace embroidery


A chic satin dress on the catwalk 2014


The classic wedding dress with a retro touch 


A greek style dress made of chiffon, with draperies and a decorated belt


Classic cut with draperies and a heart neckline


A flamenco-inspired wedding dress with a long train


A great summer wedding dress with a light cut


A long backless wedding dress with falling sleeves


A princess dress with a veil that is fixed at the shoulders


Five ideas for outdoor wedding – pink wedding dresses

classic wedding dresses -bride-fashion-pink-light-colors-2014

A satin dress with a boat neckline and a belt with gemstones


A proposal for a wedding dress in two contrasting colors

classic wedding dresses -ball-dress-bride-fashion-2014-summer

The classic dress made of tulle


Classic wedding dresses for pure elegance on the wedding day


Classic wedding dresses – tradition that everyone has


Classic wedding dress with an accent at the waist