20 wedding ideas for doors – creative decoration with a vintage flair


It is becoming more and more popular to be more creative in the organization of the wedding celebration, especially when it comes to the decoration and especially the setting. This is a new trend that is becoming more and more popular and that we also think is great – this is the wedding background with old doors! To give you an enviable dose of wedding inspiration, we’ve rounded up 20 unique wedding ideas for doors as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding ideas for doors as a decor element

wedding ideas for doors white-window-glass-vintage-canape-picture frames

We think it’s just a great idea, especially for those who like everything vintage. The faded color, the slightly chipped paint and the antique door handles give the whole area an irresistible charm. In some countries the open doors are a symbol of the transition from one state to the other, for awareness of tradition, hospitality and generosity, in other cultures they symbolize that paradise is open to the newlyweds.

The more the doors are weathered or look like this, the better. In combination with flower wreaths and climbing plants, the wedding doors look even more charming! Let yourself be further inspired by the picture gallery!

Wedding ideas for doors – decor for the wedding altar in the garden

wedding ideas for doors shabby rustic door wreath side table

The door wedding ideas all have a different purpose. While some are supposed to emphasize the altar better, others only serve as a backdrop for taking photos, as an arch on the way to the altar, for dessert tables or for a seating area. Whichever variant you like, don’t be afraid to implement it on your big day.

Doors instead of arches

wedding ideas for doors bride-decorate-flowers-vintage-wedding

Vintage flair


Shabby chic decoration idea for a wedding

wedding-ideas-doors-original-inspiration-decorating-getting married-flower-arrangement

Loving wedding backdrops with doors and picture frames


Wonderful ideas for the background of your wedding reception on the beach


Wedding ideas for doors as a symbol of a new beginning


Wild flowers as decoration for the door frame


Romantic altar of a garden wedding


More wedding backgrounds with vintage doors


As a backdrop for photos


Doors with glass insert


An unforgettable wedding

wedding ideas-doors-rustic-chipped-paint-backdrop-wedding-altar-design

Climbing plants and open door for the altar

ideas-wedding-altar-decor-doors-white-background-hedge plants

Door as a screen


Wedding decorations as a creative eye-catcher


Wedding ideas for doors – garland of lace

outdoor-wedding-ideas-for-doors-decoration-climbing plants

Door build from shutters and pergola


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