14 beach wedding dresses for a romantic beach wedding

Beach wedding dresses-beach wedding-romantic-wedding ceremony

Many newlyweds dream of a romantic wedding on the beach. Feeling the sea breeze and the soft sand under your feet and saying yes is a wonderful idea for a very special wedding day. The wedding location and the date are fixed, all that is missing is the right wedding dress. But there are a few details to consider so that nothing stands in the way of a perfect wedding celebration on the beach. With our helpful tips you will find the perfect model among all beach wedding dresses. However, it is only a shopping jump away.

The dream of many: a romantic beach wedding

Beach wedding dresses-beach wedding-romantic-sand-bridal bouquet

A beach wedding is something very special that not everyone experiences. In terms of costs and organization, it usually exceeds a traditional wedding ceremony. Often there is no suitable location in the area that meets the requirements of a beach wedding and the bridal couple decides on a location abroad, by the sea or on a lake. The selected location and date for the wedding celebration should be very well thought out so that everyone involved can travel safely. In order to get a civil marriage abroad, additional documents, which must not be missing, are required in addition to the birth certificate and the certificate of marital status. However, there is a surcharge for a wedding outside the registry office.

Beach wedding dresses – inspiration and tips

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In terms of decoration, you can’t ask for anything more, because a wedding on the beach is breathtaking enough in itself. There should be a relaxed and happy atmosphere, which is complemented by magical details and flower arrangements. Accordingly, a casual dress code is recommended for the wedding guests, but also for the bride and groom himself. When choosing clothes, many women want a romantic look and usually opt for beach wedding dresses made of airy fabrics and with a loose cut.

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If you are looking for the perfect beach wedding dress, you should not only think about the wonderful summer weather, but also take into account the special features of the location. The fine sand in combination with the hot sunshine can be extremely obstructive. Every bride certainly feels uncomfortable if the wedding dress fits very tightly to the body at high temperatures.

wedding dresses-beach-beach-wedding-chiffon-long-cream

A floor-length skirt or train might not be the best choice for a beach wedding. Light, flowing fabrics feel very pleasant and fresh on the skin, they also caress the female figure in a wonderful way. Beach wedding dresses can also be short, cheeky and girly. Of course, the final choice should be a look that matches the wedding style.

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Although the wedding dress can be more casual and fancy at a wedding on the beach, you shouldn’t overdo it. In any case, everyone involved directs their attention to the bride and groom and especially to the bride. A skirt that is too short and a deep neckline will show an even stronger presence that ultimately conveys a bad taste. When it comes to length, you should find a good mediocrity. A loosely falling skirt is completed by a narrow cut top. Whether thin straps or strapless, the two variants are a wonderful choice for the wedding on the beach.

Mullet dress: the perfect cut for a romantic beach wedding

wedding dresses-beach-beach-wedding-mullet-dress-lace

A mullet wedding dress would be a very good choice here. It looks a bit unusual compared to traditional wedding dresses – relatively short at the front and long at the back. This cut is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t seem boring at all. The dress can be made strapless or open at the back. It’s a subtle way to show off your beautiful legs without overdoing it.

Elegant beach wedding dresses


Two-piece wedding dresses are preferred by brides for whom comfort is paramount. Two-part ensembles look very uncomplicated, but at the same time elegant and classy. The lace details and the short top give the look a bit of casualness and a charming character.

Short beach wedding dresses with a classic cut


A classic midi wedding dress is a good choice for every location, every season and every age. The typical female cut with an accentuated waist suits every woman’s figure very well and covers one or the other problem area.

Hippie style beach wedding dresses

wedding dresses-beach-beach wedding-hippie-style-white

Many women who want a beach wedding imagine the perfect wedding dress to be unconventional and hippie-like. A chiffon dress in empire style with lace details looks extraordinary and just wonderful. A loose hairstyle and beautiful accessories, for example made from real flowers, complete the dreamlike hippie look.

Beach dresses in boho style

wedding dresses-beach-beach-wedding-long-lace-boho-style

Beach wedding dresses in boho style are very popular for a romantic wedding in nature. Bohemian chic itself conveys naturalness, nonchalance and freedom. Designers mainly rely on flowing fabrics, lace, embroidery or ruffles. The cut looks very feminine and comfortable to wear. If the bride wants something extraordinary, the boho wedding dress can be embroidered by hand and decorated opulently.

Elegant beach wedding dresses in different shades – cream, ivory, champagne 

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Wedding dresses are not only available with different silhouettes and cuts, but also in different colors. While brides used to wear only white dresses to weddings, today people enjoy all sorts of colors. Nevertheless, there are colors that never go out of style and always convey a very good taste. White is the typical bridal color and generally represents innocence and purity. This is very suitable for every wedding and looks particularly good on women with dark hair.


Ivory means off-white, mostly with a yellowish undertone. Sometimes it is used to denote candlelight color or eggshell. It goes very well with light to darker skin types and a rather dark hair color. With champagne or cremè one describes numerous color gradations with light yellow-orange tones. Wedding dresses in champagne look friendly, harmonious and extremely noble. These are very suitable for light hair colors and yellowish, summery skin.

wedding dresses-beach-beach wedding-elegant-white-strapless

A wonderful experience: bright sunshine, the sea in the background and fine sand between your toes. Dreamlike or not ?! If the wedding really takes place on the beach, high heels and closed high heels are an absolute taboo. Often the bride and groom want it to be particularly natural and simply prefer to walk barefoot. Otherwise, flip flops are a very good alternative, also as small gifts to the wedding guests.

The Beach Wedding Dresses Celebrity Inspirations – Cindy Crawford 1998


Almost 20 years ago, top model Cindy Crawford decided on a romantic beach wedding. She wore a short, casual dress with lace details and thin straps. There were no eye-catching accessories or a special hairstyle. The bridal couple ran barefoot and looked happy about their uncomplicated wedding ceremony.

Megan Fox 2012


Megan Fox married the father of her three sons in Hawaii in 2012. Very few people were allowed to attend the secret ceremony on the beach. The bride wore a floor-length snow-white dress without straps and with a veil by Armani, just like the groom.