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Wood wallpaper for a cozy ambience – 24 modern ideas in wood look

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Putting wallpaper with an attractive pattern on the wall is a good alternative to complicated renovations. If you have a lot of wooden furniture or flooring in wood look, a wall covering made of wood would certainly be the living style. But this costs something and claims an assembly by a professional. You can achieve a visually appealing effect with little effort with modern Wood wallpaper. Numerous designs are available from specialist retailers and would definitely meet the most demanding expectations.

Wood wallpaper – wood look in numerous designs


A suitably selected wood wallpaper will give your home a charming vintage look. We have known the fashion of “wooden walls” since the 70s, today’s designs delight with high quality and breathtakingly realistic images. Particularly current is the wallpaper mimicking old wall paneling made of wood with peeled paint and uneven wooden boards. This goes wonderfully with the Scandinavian furnishing style. We would recommend wallpapering only one wall or a fragment in the interior with a wood look. Otherwise, you run the risk of optically narrowing the space and making it look too wild.

Wood wallpaper – easily attach the desired wood look to the wall


The minimalist room design makes you look more homely with a wooden wallpaper in light nuances or in black and white without disturbing the living concept. Optionally, you can decorate your wall with realistic photo wallpaper in the size of your choice. Combine with small pieces of furniture or a wooden worktop and ensure a harmonious overall picture. Let the next 24 great examples convince you!

Wood wallpaper as an attractive accent in the room 


Wood wallpaper – interesting variant birch

wallpaper-wood-wood-look-birch-library wall-stairs-wood-wall shelves

Wood wallpaper for vintage exotic flair

wallpaper-wood-wood-look-birch-black-white-couch-coffee table-modern

Wooden wallpaper with a playful design for the children’s room or playroom

wallpaper-wood-wood-look-birch-black-white-children's room-playroom

Wood wallpaper for a cozy ambience with a vintage touch


Wood wallpaper as an accent in the interior

wallpaper-wood-wood-look-chimney rim-mantelpiece-white-firewood-deco

Wooden wallpaper imitating peeled paint on wooden boards

wallpaper-wood-wood-look-kitchen-vintage-side table-casters-bright

Wood wallpaper for a cozy ambience in a rustic style


wallpaper-wood-wood-look-vintage-white-faded-wooden chair-basket-magazines

wallpaper-wood-wood optics-white-light-vintage-couch-upholstery-country house style


wallpaper-wood-wood look-living room-vintage-rustic-light-interior



wallpaper-wood-wood-look-bedroom-modern-minimalist-angular-bedroom furniture



Wood wallpaper -wood-look-wall cladding-imitation-black-white-panels

Wood wallpaper -wood-look-hallway-decoration-console-table-modern-glass-vase

Wood wallpaper -wood-look-floor-wallpaper-bathroom-double washbasin-mirror-faucet-countertop washbasin