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Wood wall panels – rustic furnishing ideas from SDA

Wood wall panels - rustic interior design ideas

Wood wall panels are a stylish proposal for modern and cozy furnishings. Arranged with wooden furniture or minimalist furniture, they perfectly complete the interior design. SDA’s products contain several practical ideas that we would like to briefly introduce to you.

The wood wall panels as integrated works of art

Wood wall panels - rustic furnishing ideas

the Wood wall panels are a peculiar interpretation of modern art and also made of high quality wood. The wall cladding made of wooden panels combines some useful functions. However, you have to expect that the wooden panels can also decorate your apartments.

Wooden wall panels for cozy interior furnishings

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the Wooden wall panels from SDA appear friendly and cozy, but also dramatic at the same time. They are an original combination of high quality teak roots and tree resin. The dimensions of the panels are 50X50cm, so that makes 4 panels per square meter. The whole look is strongly influenced by the fibers and knots that are typical for the wood.

Wooden furniture and wooden wall decorations – beautiful and cozy

Wooden table wall design wood wallpaper decor

Wall design with wooden panels

cozy wood wall panels