Wall cladding

White glazing wooden wall panels – 35 ideas for the country house

Although natural wood looks very nice indoors, real wood wall cladding tends to get darker over time. If you don’t want to remove the old wooden wall cladding, then you can try this interesting idea. Wall panels made of wood can be painted over with white whitewash without much effort. Whitening has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and is mostly used in furniture that you want to give a shabby chic touch. The same technique can be used on floors, walls and ceilings. Find out here how you can easily glaze wooden wall panels white.

Glaze wooden wall panels white yourself

Wall panels made of wood white-country-house-do-it-yourself-glaze

For the trial, you can try whitening an old bedside or side table first. The technique is very simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

– The whitewash is actually diluted white paint that has less opacity. It still shows the natural wood grain.

– The water-based paint can be diluted with tap water. Oil-based paint – with turpentine.

– Mix the whitewash in an old bucket or can of paint. For walls, use a mixture of two parts water and one part white paint. For whitewash with a higher proportion of color, mix two parts color and one part water.

Wall panels made of wood white glaze with thinned paint


Put on rubber gloves and start applying the mixture with a brush in the direction of the wood grain. Always use a rag to wipe off any excess or over-applied paint. Work in small sections. If the whitewash appears too thin, you can paint some areas a second time. It is best to let the whitewash dry well overnight with the windows open. Usually it should dry faster than normal paint.

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Take a look at a few examples of white glazed wooden wall panels and get inspiration for a renovation in your country house!

looks good in combination with gray and yellow

Wall panels made of wood white-country-house-bedroom-gray-wall-paint-wood-bedside tables

In a bright room with a lot of daylight, white glazed wooden panels look very nice and contribute to the overall picture. They can be beautifully combined with light or neutral wall colors, such as gray, white or beige. If you only want to add a color accent in the room, you can use suitable upholstery in the living room or beautiful bedding in the bedroom. For rooms in a country house style, light accent colors are recommended, such as yellow.

perfect for Scandinavian furnished bedrooms

Wall panels made of wood white-country house-bedroom-back wall-wall lights

If you want a piece of Nordic charm in your own bedroom, then white glazed wooden wall panels are the right choice. White is a main color in Scandinavian furnishings and can be wonderfully combined with wood and gray furnishings. With a whitewashed wall design made of wood, the effect of the color is combined with that of the material.

white plastered clinker brick and wood wall panels in the kitchen

Wall panels made of wood - white - country house - kitchen - clinker wall - white

White walls and ceilings are not only popular in the bedroom, they also look classy and high-quality in the kitchen. Since wood is rather unsuitable for the kitchen rear wall, you can design an accent wall with wall panels in the kitchen. The whitewashed wood combines beautifully with light cabinet fronts and a white tile mirror. For the floor covering, you can also opt for a light variant to create a harmonious overall picture in the kitchen.

Wall panels made of wood white-country house-dining room-Scandinavian-pendant lights-dining table

whitewashed walls and a gray sofa

wall panel-wood-white-country house-living room-sloping roof-gray-corner-sofa-white-round-coffee table

In rooms with a sloping ceiling, light wall and ceiling cladding is an advantage because it makes the room appear larger than it actually is. Dark flooring and dark furniture can contribute to this. The white glazed wooden wall panels contrast with the flooring and furnishings and visually expand the room.

Decoration behind a fireplace surround in the living room

wall panel-wood-white-country house-living room-fireplace surround-firewood

Wall panels made of wood with white glaze are perfect as accent walls in the living room. With such a wall, you can put a certain element of the interior in the limelight by covering the area behind with wooden panels. A good example of this is the fireplace, which with such a wall cladding immediately becomes an eye-catcher in the room.

Bed headboard made of white glazed wooden boards from Euro pallets

wall panel-wood-white-country-house-wood-pallet-bed-headboard-bedroom

You can even make beautiful wall cladding out of wood yourself by using several wooden boards from Euro pallets. These can be assembled into a beautiful headboard for the bed and then glazed white with whitewash. The different original color of the individual boards results in a creative effect after whitening.

in combination with wall color taupe

Wall panel-wood-white-country-house-bedroom-accent wall-dandelion-wall decal

If you are looking for a wall color that goes well with whitewashed wooden panels, then you have come to the right place with taupe. For a playful effect, decorate the taupe wall with a wall sticker that suggests the accent wall. White glazed wooden wall panels can also be combined with other wall decorations. Illuminated letters are a great idea for a modern bedroom and can be made into an inspiring word. Alternatively, names or initials can be displayed with it.

patterned flooring in the dining room

Wall panel-wood-white-country house-dining room-patterned-flooring-gray-white

Although the wooden wall panels act as an accent in the room, they can be combined well with patterned floor coverings or carpets. The prerequisite for this is that the pattern is in the same color palette as the wall covering. Patterns in dark gray, light gray, beige and cream go very well with the white glazed wooden panels. To intensify the effect, you can combine it with suitable lights.

Bedroom in light neutral colors

wall panels-wood-white-country-house-bedroom-bed-upholstered-headboard

An accent color is not a must in interior design. With a color combination of light, neutral colors, a beautiful bedroom can be set up that is perfect for rest and relaxation. We recommend a combination of white glazed wooden panels, white wooden floors and light furnishings. The neutral color palette creates a relaxed feeling and fits perfectly in the bedroom.

Baby room with white glazed wall paneling made of wood

Wall panel-wood-white-country house-baby room-white-bed-taupe-wall paint

Since the white wooden wall panels have a calming effect and create a relaxed atmosphere in the room, they are also perfect for the baby room. You can design the wall behind the baby bed in this way and then decorate it with other elements of your choice. A pennant chain with the child’s name goes very well with this, which you can even make yourself.

Wall panels made of wood white-country house-baby room-white-chest of drawers-picture rail

wall panel-wood-white-country house-bedroom-wall-color-mint-white-bed

Wall panel-wood-white-country-house-bedroom-metal-bed frame-wood-floor-carpet

wall panel-wood-white-country house-bedroom-natural color

Wall panels-wood-white-country house-hallway-baby room

wall panel-wood-white-beach house-living room-wall-mounted-television

wall panel-wood-white-beach-house-dark-wood-floor-rattan-armchair

Wall panel-wood-white-country house-bedroom-sloping roof-cozy corner-window

wall panel-wood-white-country house-living room-wiesser-floorboard

Wall panel-wood-white-country house-dark-wood flooring-sea view

Wall panel-wood-white-country-house-laundry-toilet-floor tiles

wall panel-wood-white-country house-living room-sitting area-yellow-sofas-colorful-carpet

Wall panel-wood-white-country house-living room-natural fiber carpet

wall panel-wood-white-country house-living area-wood-fireplace-orange-accents


Wall panel-wood-white-country house-baby room-motto-maritime


wall panel-wood-white-country house-vintage-style-home office

wall panels made of wood accent wall-fireplace-decoration-carpet-interior

wall panels made of wood living room-dining room-parquet-side table