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Wall design in the stairwell – tips, examples and creative ideas

Wall design in the stairwell modern-black-and-white-family-photography-photo wall-staircase

The challenge in stairwell design is often due to the fact that there are fewer options when it comes to furnishing than in other living spaces. You not only have to consider the architecture of the stairwell, but also consider the fire protection conditions. The walls in this part of the house offer space for decoration. With fresh colors, wallpaper and creative decorations, real miracles can be achieved here. Today we give you a few ideas and examples for successful wall design in the stairwell that can inspire you. The stairwell should not only be connected harmoniously with the transition to the living area, but also act like a welcome greeting for those entering.

Wall design in the stairwell – which color to paint

Wall design in the stairwell paint-color-peach-wall-white-steps

So many creative design options can make the staircase a special prelude to the living area! The targeted use of color, for example, can have a decisive influence on the appearance and atmosphere. Since the walls of the stairwell are usually exposed to high loads, the use of latex paints is recommended. High-quality latex paints have similar properties to paint and can withstand special loads and heavy cleaning. The dirt can be removed directly from the wall with a wet cloth.

Wall design in the stairwell with fresh colors such as green

Wall design in the stairwell painting-green-white-turquoise-handrail-parquet floor-hallway

The choice of the color concept is fundamental to the stairwell design. When choosing a color, the lighting conditions in the room, the effect of the color and the stairs themselves are decisive. White, cream or pastel tones are best for a stairwell that is lit with little daylight. If the stairwell has large windows, you can also experiment with bright colors. The color of the stairs should also be taken into account. A white staircase in combination with a grass-green wall paint can convey freshness and vitality.

Wall design in the stairwell with plaster and glaze techniques

wall design-staircase-spatula-technique-mediterranean-silver-metal-gela% cc% 88nder

If you want to create a Mediterranean style in the stairwell, you can give the walls structure and shine with textured plasters, fillers or glazes. These look higher quality than wallpaper, but are only suitable to a limited extent for absolute beginners. The various glazing techniques such as wiping and dabbing techniques can be used to achieve decorative surfaces and beautiful effects. The secret lies in the fact that the translucent layers are applied one after the other in several work steps.

Mediterranean wall design in the stairwell – facing bricks

wall design-staircase-mediterranean-rustic-facing stones-corner-plaster

The wall in the stairwell can also be finished with facing bricks. These look very similar to bricks and natural stone and are available in numerous formats, colors and surfaces. Depending on whether you like it classic, modern, Mediterranean or rustic, there are many different solutions. Either the entire wall or just part of it can be covered.

Creative wall design in the stairwell with photo wallpaper


A tree in your own stairwell? With the help of a photo wallpaper this is no problem at all. The choice of motifs is almost limitless. Landscapes, animals, flowers and even your own photos can be printed as wallpaper. A 3D photo wallpaper that shows a window, picturesque views and beautiful landscapes also creates the impression that you can step out of the stairwell. The boundary between the real living space and the wall decoration is barely recognizable and so the room gains in width.

Modern wall design in the stairwell – mirrors instead of a photo gallery

wall design-staircase-creative-staircase-mirror-wooden frame-rectangular

The wall above the stairs can be used wonderfully as a picture gallery. But if you want to think even more creatively, hang mirrors on the wall instead of family portraits. The combination of the same shapes and materials looks very harmonious and creates visual calm. Mixed frames, on the other hand, create an interesting picture and bring more dynamism to the room. However, a uniform color concept should be maintained.

Shelf at the staircase

wall design-staircase-staircase-shelves-storage space

The space under the stairs offers clever storage space solutions for everything that is stowed away and should not be visible at first glance, while shelves on the staircase are ideal for presenting a book collection or various decorative elements. It is advisable to match the color and material of the shelves with the stair step cladding. This creates a harmonious overall picture.