Wall cladding

Wall color white for a spacious and modern room design

wall color white furniture-modern-tv-wall-lowboard

This attractive apartment is located in Taiwan. Despite its very small living space, it appears very spacious, which on the one hand is due to the choice of furniture and on the other hand to the wall color that adorns all rooms. This is the Wall color white, which ensures a bright room design and can make even the smallest rooms more homely. Take a closer look at C. H. Interior’s apartment in the gallery below.

Wall color white in the living room

wall color white couch-small-fur-carpet-large-window

Despite the large window front, the living room was designed with the wall color white. Since it has to accommodate both the living and the dining area, a relatively small lounge was designed, which is completely sufficient for cozy evenings. The fur and the modern floor lamp, which is perfect for reading evenings, ensure comfort.

White curtains and white walls

wall color white seating area-lounge-floor lamp-modern-side table-wicker furniture

The curtains, which provide privacy and sun protection on the large window front, also match the wall color white. In order to avoid an overly sterile look in the room, different colors and materials were combined with the white wall. The sofa is made of a neutral, light gray color, while the floor is decorated with wood.

Minimalist interior

wall color white room design-idea-furnishing-dining-table-round

The economical use of furniture and decorations not only creates a more spacious look. The minimalist style is also perfectly expressed. For example, there was no wall unit in combination with the wall color white. Instead, the TV is on the wall and is complemented by an extremely low console as a shelf.

Open living room in white

wall color white living room-shelves-laminate-dining area

The largest of all rooms thus serves as a living room, but also accommodates the small dining area, which was designed with wooden furniture such as a round dining table. The wooden furniture comes into its own thanks to the white wall color, even though it is a light wood color. The built-in shelves, which visually divide the room and offer storage space, are also striking.

White doors


Even the doors adapt to the wall color white and thus underline the simple furnishings. The vaulted ceilings also have a great effect. With their height, they also contribute to the fact that the living space appears more spacious. The ceiling of both areas is also equipped with built-in lights that are barely noticeable and therefore fit in with the simple design.

Glance into the study

wall color-white-dining area-dining-table-chairs-wood-frosted glass

An original design idea is also the opening in the wall, which allows a view into the study and represents a change in the wall color white. It is closed with glass, which not only makes you feel locked away while working. Because there are no windows in the study, sufficient daylight can be used from the living room.

Blinds as privacy screens


If you want to have some peace and quiet while working, you can quickly and conveniently provide privacy with blinds. These are matched to the wall color white and were chosen in the same color. The lower area consists of frosted glass and is particularly effective in the middle of the white wall.

Interior color white in the work area


Frosted glass also serves as a room divider next to a column and forms the work area. This in turn is equipped with cupboards, a floor made of wood and the wall color white. The lighting is also done here with the help of built-in lights, which are intended to provide the study with sufficient light, especially in the evening hours.

Wall color white and glass surfaces

wall color-white-console-desk-glass-privacy

The desk is extremely attractive and consists of a glass worktop with a floating effect. The console obtained in this way offers sufficient storage space for a laptop and also folders or other things that should be at hand when working. The wall color white occurs here to a lesser extent due to the many glass and wooden surfaces.

White wall paint for a more spacious look

wall color-white-room divider-bedroom-small-wardrobe-gray

One of the bedrooms is just behind the seating area in a separate room. The wall color white is combined here with both light gray and dark wooden furniture. On the whole, however, there is a cool atmosphere here that goes perfectly with the modern and simple furnishings.

Bedroom furnishings

wall color-white-furniture-bedroom-after-cabinet-chest of drawers-blinds

The second bedroom also has a gray wardrobe, while the rest of the furniture has a warmer shade. The small bedroom accommodates all the necessary furniture such as bed, chest of drawers and bedside cabinets, while modern blinds serve as protection on the window. The wall color white looks anything but sterile here as well.

Design by C. H. Interior.