Wall cladding

Wall cladding with tiles and wood – natural materials and colors

Wall cladding with tiles and wood living room seating area tree trunk coffee table

For the layout of the modern apartment, the owners wanted larger bedrooms. For this purpose, the former dining room was converted into a bedroom, while the open living area now also has a dining area. Since the apartment faces west, the large window fronts are an advantage in order to get enough daylight in the rooms even before the afternoon. The design with Wall cladding with tiles and wood comes from the company C.H. Interior. It was implemented in an apartment in Taipei, Taiwan.

Wall cladding with tiles and wood – modern seating area

Wall cladding with tiles and wood chair-modern-mirror-round-shelf

The large living area is great for entertaining the whole family. It not only offers a lot of space, but also radiates harmony and cosiness thanks to the materials in natural tones. The wall cladding with tiles and wood, which is particularly effective in the living area, also contributes to this. Right next to the living area is a guest room, where the necessary privacy can be provided thanks to the modern sliding door. If there are no guests, the area can also be used wonderfully by the whole family. The living area is easily expanded. You can take a nap or enjoy nature through the window.

Wall cladding with tiles and wood – open living area

wall cladding with tiles and wood beige design accent wall furniture

The open living space also provides perfect ventilation, which was missing in the former room distribution. The designer Lu also made optimal use of the living space. One of the approaches was to use free-standing wardrobes that also serve as partition walls instead of the classic wardrobes that are placed against the wall. In order to make optimal use of the natural light source in the apartment with wall cladding with tiles and wood, the designer selected suitable colors. The furniture facing east has a blue and gray color in order to harmonize with the morning light. The western areas are again kept in warm and light nuances. The light, which can be relatively strong in the afternoon, is so wonderfully absorbed.

Partition wall with tiles

wall cladding with tiles and wooden partition wall-gray-large format

Neutral natural tones in the living area

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-open-living area-television wall-monochrome

Modern wardrobe

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-wardrobe-design-modern

Balcony overlooking the river

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-interior-design-leather-chair-balcony-river

Guest room

wall cladding-tiles-wood-ceiling-floor-gray-dining table

Wall cladding made of wood

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-guest room-idea-daybed-beige

Idea with a sliding door

wall cladding-tiles-wooden-sliding-door-high-gloss-gray-table-design-taiwan

Partition wall between living room and guest room

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-partition-deco-fur-window front

Modern glass door

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-glass-door-apartment-design

Gray tiles for the floor

wall cladding-tiles-wood-wall-hallway-furnishing-ceiling-design-white

Wall cladding with tiles and wood – work area in the bedroom

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-workspace-glass-desk-modern-metal-chair

Simple bedroom with wall cladding

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-bedroom-wall panels-floating-bed

Olive green as a neutral wall color

wall cladding-tiles-wood-wall-paint-olive-cupboard-white-minimalistic

Wood in the bedroom

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-natural tones-curtains-bed-cupboard-suspended-ceiling

Walk-in wardrobe

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-walk-in-closet-mirror-natural materials

Wood floor and dressing table

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-dressing-table-idea-shelf-furniture-apartment-design

Wardrobe as a room divider

Wall cladding-tiles-wood-room divider-cupboard-idea-recessed lights

Design by C.H. Interior.