Wall cladding

Wall cladding as a decorative accent in modern interiors

wall cladding as a decorative accent TV-fireplace-living room.minimalist

Those who like unusual and modern interiors are guaranteed to fall in love with this breathtaking house. It is located in Perth, Australia and was designed by Daniel Cassettai Design. It is characterized not only by its modern style, but also by different variants of the Wall cladding as a decorative accent in the interior. Various materials are used for this purpose, including wood and stone. We would like to introduce these and other features to you using the picture gallery. Let yourself be inspired, because this house is a true masterpiece.

Wall cladding as a decorative accent – large mural

wall covering-decoration-accent-living room-open-kitchen-modern

Wall cladding can already be found in the living room as a decorative accent. This is located in a wall niche that also houses the TV, which in turn is framed by attractive shelves. This room is also an open plan living area that not only houses the living room, but also the kitchen and dining area. The latter are only designed with furniture made of warm wood and give the minimalist interior a cozy atmosphere. Wood also plays an important role in one of the bedrooms. A wooden paneling for the wall forms an accent wall behind the bed, which replaces a headboard and continues into the walk-in closet.

Wall cladding as a decorative accent in the open living area

wall cladding-decoration-accent-window-front-high-ceiling-interior-minimalist

The open living area is also extended to the outside, so to speak. This impression arises due to the large window fronts. These are formed from sliding doors that allow the entire wall to be opened. You also get a glimpse of another wall cladding as a decorative accent, which this time is outside. It is formed from stones that have been attached in such a way that a three-dimensional surface with an attractive pattern is created.

Modern dining area

wall covering-deco-accent-furniture-elegant-wood-stool-kitchen counter

Other great examples of wall cladding as a decorative accent can be found in one of the bathrooms in the form of white wall panels with 3D patterns, as well as in the reading room. The latter is formed by attractive, narrow stones in shades of gray. A fireplace is also located in this wall and provides warmth and comfort while reading or relaxing in this entertainment room.

Dining area between the kitchen and lounge

wall cladding-decoration-accent-dining-area-dining-table-elegant-gray-flooring

Wood kitchen

wall cladding-deco-accent-wood-kuehce-warm-ambience-shelves

Wall cladding made of stone

wall cladding-deco-accent-lounge-stone-design-fireplace-shelf-sofa

Comfortable chairs in petrol blue

wall cladding-decoration-accent-chairs-dark-petrol-blue-curtains-white

Blackboard paint as a wall design

Wall covering-decoration-accent-wardrobe-coat hook-bench-blackboard-paint

Hallway design

wall covering-decoration-accent-hall-design-idea-vintage-sofa-chair-red

wall cladding as a decorative accent tv room-corner sofa-lowboard-white

wall covering-decoration-accent-children's room-maritime-style-vintage-armchair-light blue-aqua

Wall covering-decoration-accent-colorful-bedroom-mural-abstract-orange

wall covering-decoration-accent-design-inspiration. bedroom-wall-decoration-art

wall cladding-deco-accent-wood-cozy-atmosphere-pendant lights

wall covering as a decoration accent bedroom-wood-bed-without-headboard

wall cladding-decoration-accent-stone-tiles-bathroom-black-wall-mirror


wall cladding-as-decoration-accent-stairs-white-wall-wine-cellar-glass wall

wall cladding-decoration-accent-terrace-outdoor-kitchen-chaise longue-pool

wall cladding-decoration-accent-pool-area-patio-design-garden furniture


wall cladding-deco-accent-daniel-cassettai-design-house-facade-gray

wall cladding-deco-accent-facade-white-wood-natural-look-concrete-design

Design by Daniel Cassettai Design.