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Wall and ceiling cladding made of wood in a modern house

Wooden ceiling cladding wooden beams wooden floor carpet light floor-to-ceiling windows

Wood paneling on walls and ceilings is making a comeback. Authentic materials and looks are conquering the contemporary living area and can also be combined in an extremely attractive way. Wood is now available in a wide variety of designs, which enable it to be used in any area and even outside the home. The trend is for wall and ceiling cladding made of wood, which only cover selected wall surfaces of a room, for example sloping ceilings, niches, steps, platforms that only partially cover the walls and ceiling. Thus, design accents are set that bring a playful and at the same time very cozy touch.

Presenting wall and ceiling cladding made of wood in a modern way

Wooden ceiling paneling wall modern wooden kitchen seating area kitchen island chandelier

For wall and ceiling cladding made of wood, a light, natural look or type of wood is usually chosen. This perfectly complements the modern living style and increases the comfort in the room. Since large areas are often completely white in contemporary interior design, the wood look conjures up a pleasant effect on the eye and at the same time improves the living atmosphere. Wall and ceiling elements made of wood enrich the interior with numerous highlights and ensure a better room climate.

Ceiling paneling made of wood wall modern wood kitchen natural high quality

The designers at Duet Design Group have masterfully used the positive properties of the wood material when furnishing a modern single-family home in Colorado, USA. In every area of ​​the spacious domicile, extensive wooden surfaces with beautiful natural grains dominate, which work as a design element, but do not seem overwhelming. The perfect ambience is rounded off by simple furniture and surfaces in light, neutral cream and beige tones. Modern chandeliers with organic shapes bring a playful touch.

Ceiling cladding made of wood wall airy partition wall kitchen modern wood kitchen

The interior designers have also selected wooden surfaces for the cabinet fronts in the spacious kitchen and bathrooms. These are very simple and, above all, designed without handles. However, there are no lack of playful accents that liven up the rooms and add an individual touch. A different piece of furniture, living accessory or an interesting wall design serves as such in each area. In the kitchen is the modern fireplace, which also functions as a room divider. In one bathroom are the mosaic tiles laid with a beautiful pattern and in the children’s room – the colorful wallpaper. In the remaining rooms there are individual pieces of furniture with an exotic design, which provide variety and an individual touch in the elegant ambience.

ceiling paneling wood wall living room fireplace upholstered furniture gray neutral

wall covering wood children's room wooden floor motley taoete pattern

playroom wooden floor climbing net floor cushions

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bathroom gray mosaic tile bathroom cabinets wood

bathroom window freestanding bathtub bathroom cabinets wood

bathroom modern shower glass wall gray natural stone optics

wall cladding wood terrace roofing outdoor kitchen pizaofen concrete

wall cladding wood terrace natural concrete seating lounge

wall cladding wood terrace wood deck water pool lawn

terrace modern concrete gravel fireplace seating

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