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Turquoise wallpaper gives the walls great expressiveness

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Are you looking for new color ideas for your own four walls? The trend is based on individuality, diversity and perfection down to the smallest detail. The brilliant color blend of blue and green is suitable for special color accents in the trend. Turquoise wallpaper is a good idea to liven up the room – the color highlights walls beautifully and gives them an originality.

Turquoise wallpaper sets the scene for the walls


The blue-green color matches the tranquility of the bedroom, the dynamic kitchen, the warmth of the living room and also the cleanliness of the bathroom. Depending on your needs, turquoise wallpapers are a subtle background or an ideal eye-catcher. The color symbolizes openness, expresses individuality without fear of being different. Depending on the pattern, a wallpaper in turquoise can look romantic and cool, modern and luxurious or exotic and unusual. That makes the spatial impression more exciting.

Eccentric wallpaper in turquoise with a metallic effect

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With turquoise, boredom is a foreign word. The color underlines the individual fashion consciousness in terms of furnishing and is very versatile. A turquoise wallpaper can be combined with many other colors – dark blue, white, beige, petrol, cream, gray, white. In addition, however, the contrast is always conceivable – with contrasting colors such as coral red or orange, you create special accents.


Non-woven wallpaper with pearlescent luster

The turquoise background lets other objects come to the fore. The color goes perfectly with wood and white, but fine decorations also get an additional context.


Turquoise colored non-woven wallpapers

For a tasteful wall design, there are various non-woven wallpapers with imaginative patterns – matt or glossy. They have good lightfastness, low flammability and washability.

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Color combination with cream color, brown


A metallic turquoise looks fresh with white


Textured wallpaper in crocodile skin look

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Turquoise wall design with wallpaper






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