Wall cladding

Trendy wall colors for stripes awaken a new feeling of living

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Bare white walls in the apartment often appear sterile, very little lively and rather boring. Your own living space is particularly suitable for staging individual areas with color and thus generating emotions. But if the uniform wall color or a monochrome wallpaper is too monotonous for you – then you can quickly and easily create your own personal home feeling with stripes. A lot of poppy here Wall paints for stripes.

Wall paints for stripes: get creative!

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The choice of Wall paints for stripes exclusively follows the room atmosphere to be created. Whether two-tone or many colorful stripes – your taste decides. Sometimes bold, creative experiments with colors allow results that are really impressive, but please do not try it directly on the wall! For example, ready-to-use tinted wall paints that you can find in hardware stores are ideal for color accents. For those who like it brighter – strong colors often have to be painted twice in order to achieve a uniform result.

Wide wall strips as a visual highlight


There are several methods of creating streaks on the walls. The simplest method is to draw strips horizontally or vertically using a small roller. To do this, you really need to have a precise and steady hand. It is better if you first stick masking tape on the dry wall. The space between the strips corresponds to the desired strip width. Now carefully paint the space in between with the paint brush. If you want to paint a wide strip, it is advisable to paint the larger areas between the edges with a painter’s roller. It doesn’t matter if you step over the edges as you do this, as the masking tape will eventually be removed. With this method, however, it is extremely important that you pull the masking tape off the outside of the wall before the paint has dried on it. What remains are stripes in the previous wall color. Whether with vertical or horizontal stripes, this technique enables really amazing results.


Modern wall and ceiling strips

With the painting of horizontal or vertical stripes you have a particularly nice opportunity to design your wall in a colorful and individual way.


Create the desired atmosphere with stripes

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Straight horizontal stripes


Vertical stripes in two shades of one shade


Horizontal stripes in the upper wall area


Design a comfortable room


Paint white walls with stripes




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