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The rough beauty of concrete – concrete wall and concrete furniture

orange accents exposed concrete wall upholstered furniture

We have already presented you with several interesting ideas on how you can set a natural stone wall or brick wall in the interior as an accent. Recently, however, a minimalist tendency has successfully caught on – Concrete wall and concrete furniture to use as a highlight in the facility. Here are 12 original ideas that will reveal the raw beauty of concrete to you!

Concrete wall and concrete furniture as a highlight in the interior

Bench minimalist interior design wood coffee table lamps

the Concrete wall and concrete furniture have great attraction. They look neither rustic nor shiny. The subtle beauty of the material gives the room an industrial chic. Your biggest advantage? It is the perfect backdrop for decorations. The concrete wall is easy to clean, can be plastered and painted at any time. The concrete furniture offers practically endless possibilities – from comfortable benches to desks, wall shelves, kitchen island and even a bathtub. The gray color of the concrete makes the room look bigger.

Concrete wall and furniture for industrial style facilities

Kitchen industrial chic wall tiles white

Our tip – don’t overdo it with the use of concrete. Above all, a house should look comfortable and cozy. If you opt for a concrete accent wall, you can do without the concrete furniture, and vice versa. the Concrete wall and concrete furniture have one major disadvantage – they are very difficult and hardly move. You must therefore determine the appropriate space in the interior in advance. Concrete bathtubs need a stable floor covering – to be on the safe side, ask the construction company whether and where you can use this furniture in your house.

Puristic furnishings allow the concrete wall in the background to come into its own

Design fair-faced concrete, puristic furnishings, neutral colors

Wall shelf made of concrete for a modern, purist kitchen

Concrete flooring wall shelf concrete furniture

Dining room with concrete floor

Wooden furniture white paper lamp stair dining room

Concrete cooking island

Wall shelves furniture set up modern home

The rough beauty of exposed concrete

Concrete wall wood table leather chairs

Spacious industrial style living area

Concrete wall granite floor modern architecture puristic

Concrete and glass – minimalist architecture with a pool on the roof

Concrete wall pool ceiling glass roof

Design a puristic bathroom

minimalist design gray white colors

Bathtub made of exposed concrete – the highlight in the interior

Design bathtub photo wall decoration idea