Wall cladding

The high-quality materials and decorative panels from 3Form in interior design

wovin wall panels 3d backlit wood wall cladding 3form

3 shape is a leading sustainable manufacturer Materials and decorative panels, which can be used as partition walls, sliding doors and table tops or simply highlights on the wall. The transparent panels made of synthetic resin are characterized by their visually appealing aesthetics and flexibility.

Materials and decorative panels by 3Form

decorative panels 3-shape carving optics reception

A range of materials that are used in the 3Form installations are available to choose from and comprise the collections Varia, chroma, glass, Alabaster and Struttura. The award-winning Varia ® is an innovative system consisting of 40% recycled material.

Sustainable Materials and decorative panels

modern decoration panels 3form living room ceiling design

The 3form ® materials are innovative, environmentally friendly and fascinate the eye with their decorative light effects. With an impact resistance 40 times more than that of the glass Varia a dynamic panel system that combines modern design, environmentally friendly materials and surfaces. Chroma is available in a rich palette of professionally designed colors and when lit the color is even more radiant. The material is cast from 100% acrylic, non-toxic, very durable and recyclable.

decorative glass panels on the wall

wall panels decoration ideas 3form varia ecoresins

particularly popular material for bar counters

materials decoration panels 3form bar backlit counter

Evo kitchen with backlit panel

Wonderful lighting effects emphasize the decorative transparency of the materials and decorative panels. This kitchen cabinet, for example, is laid with the fine, subtle panels from 3form (Varia Evo White), which visually warms the white kitchen with a soft light.

decorative wall panels like braided threads

wall panels backlit 3form synthetic quartz wickerwork

luminous Chroma bar counter   environmentally friendly materials panels 3form Chroma bar counter

panels illuminated from the inside  materials panels 3form chroma reception illuminated

Materials for bars  Backlit bar decoration panels 3form Masa Bar

Glass railings and decorations

glass decorative panels 3-shape green grass motifs

Materials with a stone and wood look

translucent stone wood 3form materials reception

decorative transparent wall panels  deco panels 3-shape wall transparent ferns leaves motifs

chroma vanity top high quality material turquoise blue

chroma sliding door backlit wall panels 3form

3form wall panels Varia Ecoresin accent blue brown

varia sliding doors deco grass motifs

varia ecoresin room divider transparent red elements 3form