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Stone wall in the living room – wall decoration with facing stones

Stone wall-living room facing brick-fireplace cladding-modern

The rough beauty of the stone can become a part of your home furnishings. Applying facing bricks to interior walls is the perfect way to bring nature into the home. Facing bricks are man-made bricks that combine the charisma of natural stone and the advantages of modern building products. They are specifically designed to mimic the look of real stone without actually dealing with its weight and the cost of real masonry. Anyone with a little patience can successfully install facing stones themselves and one Stone wall in the living room create.

Stone wall in the living room – choose the facing brick

Stone wall living room gray granite facing bricks

Facing stones are available in natural stone and brick optics and are made from lightweight concrete, plaster of paris, quartzite, granite and slate. These near-natural replicas can not only visually enhance the living space, but also have a heat-insulating effect. The facing bricks are available in a variety of variants that differ in weight, color and use. Bricks made of slate and plaster of paris should only be used indoors, as they are not resistant to moisture and wetness.

Stone wall in the living room – facing bricks come in different versions

Stone wall-living room-modern-facing brick-wood panels

Facing bricks are mostly used as fireplace cladding to create a rustic atmosphere. Plastic facing bricks are easy to maintain and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Plaster of paris facing bricks have the lowest weight and can also be used for non-load-bearing interior walls. An alternative to facing stones are the stone-look porcelain stoneware tiles, which also imitate the look and feel of real stone.

Wall unit in white and wall cladding made of facing bricks

Integrate stone wall-living room-wall unit-white

With facing bricks you can set beautiful accents on the wall. A special aesthetic effect is achieved through the contrast between modern TV furniture with a smooth surface and the rough stone. Warm colors such as beige and cream give the stone a cozy look and make the combination with dark solid wood more harmonious. The dark tiled floor fits in well with the overall picture.

Fireplace cladding made of facing bricks gives the room a country house look

Stone wall living room facing brick sandstone living ideas

The fireplace is definitely an eye-catcher in this living room. The floor-to-ceiling windows and the warm wooden ceiling create a cozy atmosphere. In contrast to the previous example, the stone cladding is only used here as an accent. The light stone is combined with beige wall panels.

Maxi Murales in gold and gray by Artesia Naturale

Facing bricks-living room-wall decoration-Maxi-Murales-Gold-Gray-Artesia-Naturale

Facing bricks are particularly suitable for a multi-colored wall design. No stone in nature is like the other and so each facing brick is a real unique specimen. Each tile contains several colors and has beautiful nuances. These slate gray wall cladding, for example, are characterized by a pleasant touch of the copper. So you can choose between different color directions such as cream-beige or gray-brown.

FIRENZE facing bricks from Klimex

stone wall-living room-fireplace-glass-corner-gray-FIRENZE-Klimex

The wall bricks are not only very versatile in terms of shape and color. They also convince with a very special surface structure. The wall cladding looks and feels like natural stone. No stains or fingerprints can affect the look. This is probably also the reason why facing bricks are so popular as fireplace wall cladding.

BENEVENTO facing bricks from Klimex

stone wall-living room-gray-wood-fireplace-BENEVENTO-Klimex

Whether classic, urban, romantic or puristic – the high-quality and easy-to-use wall cladding suits almost every furnishing style. Just like conventional wall paints, each type of stone also has a different effect on our mood and can also optically enlarge or reduce rooms.

stone wall-living room-anthracite-gray-fireplace insert-MUROK-STRATO-Weser

If you’re looking for a dramatic eye-catcher, go for a dark stone. Slate, for example, is one of the gray tones and always looks classy, ​​especially in bright rooms. The interplay between slate and medium-dark wood inspires many creative home stylists.

ATLAS facing bricks from Wieser

stone wall in the living room white-ATLAS-Wieser

In contrast to slate, light natural stone is ideal for dark rooms. A wall design in cream and white can be beautifully combined with a dark floor covering made of wood. It also makes a good background for dark furniture. Individual home accessories in Bordeaux underline the warm colors in the furnishings and set beautiful accents.

white living room furniture and cream-colored facing bricks

stone wall-living room-facing bricks-cream-white-living room furniture

With stone straps, beautiful accents can also be set in a puristically furnished living room. Even if white furniture looks elegant and timeless, you should make sure that the furnishings do not look too sterile. For example, when white furniture and home accessories are placed in front of white walls. In this case, a stone wall in the living room would be a good solution if you want to bring some variety to your own four walls. The stones are subtle, yet also have a strong presence.

black brique facing bricks from Orsol

facing bricks-brick-look-black-straps-BRIQUE-ORSOL

Black and white is a particularly popular color combination and can also be easily implemented with wall cladding. For a particularly strong contrast, choose black clinker brick instead of slate. But there are also pure white facing bricks that can be wonderfully integrated into any modern facility.

cream-colored MUROK STRATO facing bricks from Weser

facing bricks-living room-cream-color-MUROK-STRATO-Weser

By the way, plaster facing bricks can also be painted in a different color. To do this, the paint is diluted with 10 percent water for the first paint application. The wall surface is first primed with a deep primer. After the 4-hour drying time, apply the diluted paint evenly with a facade roller. As soon as the paint has dried thoroughly, a second paint application with undiluted paint follows. Mineral facing bricks made of cement or lime can be painted with a silicate paint for the interior.

Facing bricks-rustic-modern-dining area-MANOIR-ORSOL

facing bricks-old white-living room-MUROK-STRATO-Weser

stone wall-living room-wall decoration-rustic-modern-ROCKY-MOUNTAIN-Orsol


stone wall-living room-facing bricks-white-LIMBURG-Klimex

stone wall-living room-cream-facing bricks-MUROK-MONTANA-Weser

Porcelain stoneware tiles-stone look-gray-wall-living room-ROXSTONES-Ceramiche-Caesar

Living room wall cladding-facing bricks-brick look-KLIMEXMILANO-white

white-straps-stones-wall-design-living room-KLIMEXMILANO-WHITE-Klimex

Wall tiles-stone look-light gray-ROCKSTYLE-R-SILVER-FIORDO

stone wall in the living room rustic-modern-BRICK-NEPAL-Lantic-Colonial-porcelanosa

Facing bricks-anthracite-color-fireplace-living room-MUROK-MONTANA-Weser

stone wall in the living room lilac-nuances-artesia-naturale