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Rustic wallpaper pattern with timber optics – ideas for wall design

Rustic wallpaper pattern wall covering

Rustic wallpaper pattern Always bring a cheerful mood, classic beauty and remind of the unpretentious romance of the old days. The Scrapwood (waste wood) wallpapers by Piet Hein Eek decorate every room of your house with their wonderful warm timber look.

Rustic wallpaper pattern – Dutch simplicity and style

rustic wallpaper designs

The Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek has dedicated his works to the love of waste wood. All of his rustic wallpapers are made using innovative technologies and high quality materials. Now Eek has created a wonderful rustic wallpaper line. All rustic wallpaper pattern are either vertical or horizontal. You don’t get any repetitions within the same visible environment.

Eco-friendly rustic wallpaper pattern

Lumber optics living ideas wallpapers

All rustic wallpaper pattern are an exemplary concept for environmental friendliness, which together with pragmatism actually represent the guiding principles of the designer. Piet Hein Eek’s production waste is recycled by more than 50 percent. These “green” wallpapers are available in beige, brown, gray and white.

Wallpapers with a timber look

Black wallpaper red chair

Decorative wall covering with old wood wallpaper pattern

white chair black wallpaper Rustic

 Scrapwood lumber patterns

Eek Scrapwood Rustic Wallpaper