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Rice paper wallpaper design with energizing effect by Artmuro

Rice paper environmentally friendly wallpaper design-colorful energizing effect

The environment or the living environment has a strong influence on our well-being and our physical and mental state. When a room is gloomy and dark, one feels depressed. On the contrary, if the walls shine in bright colors, they radiate a positive flair. The skilful designers from the Italian brand Artmuro know that for sure. Your exclusive ENERGY collection sets the wall in motion and influences the room atmosphere through exclusive play of colors. Starting material for the energizing Wallpaper design is surprisingly pure rice paper!

Modern wallpaper design shapes individuality

Energy wallpaper-modern design-colorful patches of color-dynamic play of colors

The rice paper used by Artmuro is handmade using an energy-saving, pollutant-free process. It consists of 100% plant fibers, which are durable, flexible, acid-free and biodegradable. The inks are produced on a water basis, which makes them environmentally friendly, odorless and non-flammable. The wallpapers made of rice paper can be attached to wood and glass, walls and furniture. The colorful, dynamic, playful spots of color in the ENERGY collection encourage the viewer’s imagination and communication.

Individual wallpaper design

Colors wall wallpaper motifs design rice paper red yellow blue

Artmuto is an Italian brand created by KALÍt, a European leader in custom digital printing on rice paper. When producing the wallpapers, Artmuro shows great respect for nature and human life. That Wallpaper design can be made individually – depending on your preferences and wishes. The collections are very varied – glossy, matt, textured. The rice paper wallpaper is soft to the touch and extremely thin and therefore becomes a unit with the surface. The large-format paintings are decorated with oil or acrylic paints, with classic painting techniques or Airbusch technology for color gradients, as desired.

Colorful large format prints

Wallpaper modern Colorful-energizing effect-colors effect

The wall coverings made of rice paper are suitable as a decoration on a wall, a panel made of glass or wood. Colors, sizes and shapes of the motifs can be individually determined. You can send pictures or individual drawings by e-mail and have them digitally printed on rice paper soon. It’s a great way for you to let your creativity run wild!

Cheerful colorful wall

Artmuro-Wallpaper Design Energy- colorful wall coverings-rice paper digitally printed

Timeless, subtle motifs

Design line-rice paper handmade wallpaper-yellow grungy

Artistic techniques on rice paper

Roses red graphic wallpaper Linear Design-roses KOllektion

Custom wallpaper design

graphic wallpaper design black and white elegant-linear Artmuro-lineart series

Wall covering imitates sheet music

patterned wallpaper notten sheet Nottenheft-script Artmuro

Enjoy delicate floral motifs on the wall

Decorative wall coverings pattern beige wallpaper design-elegant thin-decoflor

Designer wallpaper individually configurable wall decoration ideas allegro series

Digitally printed individual wallpaper design green floral pattern allegro

Wallpaper colorful and cheerful nursery Artmuro baby room wall ideas

Children's room wall design wallpaper-child-friendly through colors encourage creativity

Photo-realistic wallpaper design Skyline Prospect-Artmuro photos

Asian motifs design wallpaper drawing tiger rice paper oriental collection

Wall mural wallpaper motifs Elegant-Artmuto series class

Renaissance painting wall covering modern wallpaper rice paper