Wall cladding

Pen drawing on the wall – wallpaper pattern design by Rollout

Design tap rollout series doodle

Fine penmanship can be used in many areas of application. Even if not exactly calligraphic, the modern ones Wallpaper pattern by Alissia Melka-Teichroew have their own unique, incomparable aesthetic. The “Ballpoint Wallpaper” series is part of the Rollout Artist series.

Wallpaper pattern design by Alissia Melka-Teichroew

Diagonal cross wallpaper pattern design ink

The New York based creative artist Alissia Melka-Teichroew has taken her writing skills to another level. Who hasn’t written and drawn directly on the wall with a ballpoint pen? The favorite pastime of the children offers new horizons for creative interior design. The playful ones Wallpaper pattern fill the room with artistic chaos.

Vertical parallel stripes

Parallel running stripes on the wall blue pen drawing pen

With the help of different techniques, Melka-Teichroew has 6 different ones Wallpaper pattern developed – from stripes that run straight through the wall to transverse to abstract scribbling. Discreet stripes are a real eye-catcher and are reminiscent of childhood. The cheeky graphics underline the personality of extravagant people. They bring momentum to your house.

Stripes running parallel over the entire length

Horizontal Running Wallpaper Pattern Modern Rollout Design

These attractive indigo blue wallpapers have already been brought to the market and are still offered in red, black and gold. The pen colors used are water-based. Custom size and color options are also possible. Scribble Wallpaper pattern make this playful collection something special.

Scribble in the corner – modern wallpaper from Rollout 

Wallpaper pattern colorful stain ink corner design modern

Write on the wall with a ballpoint pen

Designer pattern wall design wallpaper ink blue

Wallpaper patterns by Zaha Hadid for Marburg stand for more dynamism