Wall cladding

Patterned wallpapers give the living space modernity and elegance

Photo of Ferm Living

Walls with wallpaper-design ferm-living ideas geometric patterns

Large-area graphics are more and more preferred as a design element for the walls. Wall murals patterned with such graphics add a dramatic touch and uniqueness to the living space. A trend from the last few years are namely patterned wallpaper. Natural, abstract and geometric motifs enjoy great popularity for both private and social areas. We offer you to take a look at the following designer wallpapers to convince yourself of the timelessness of the patterns.

Patterned wallpapers offer new space for design ideas

Graphic pattern wallpaper forest motifs design ideasPhoto by Ferm Living

A simple wall can be turned into a real eye-catcher with just a few resources. Patterned wallpaper are true design artists. You imitate tree trunks, various architectural elements, structures, natural landscapes, etc. Your creative potential is very large. They create new rooms and perspectives, influence the spatial effect and can set atmospheric and smart accents.

Modern wallpapers – stylistic devices for the walls

Wall design with wallpaper-floral motifs armchair baroquePhoto of Cole & Sun

If you want to highlight a wall, use high quality patterned wallpaper. With these wallpapers there are no limits to your design options. The exclusive designs not only serve to beautify rooms, but also offer an area for creative experiments.

Wallpapers with patterns – individual and innovative

Patterned wallpaper-gray flat wall design-make texturedPhoto by Ferm Living

You have the opportunity to use new designs again and again and to redesign the room walls every time thanks to the diverse surfaces. Thanks to the variable grid and pattern, you are completely free in the creative design of the walls.

Patterned wallpapers create new perspectives

Pattern modern wallpaper in the bedroom-gray shadesPhoto by Ferm Living

The patterned wallpapers can be used in many ways, for example as pictures on sideboards, cloakroom and cupboard elements. With their diverse design potential, wallpapers can also have significantly more influence on the impression of a room.

Wallpapers offer the opportunity to create special areas

Forest wallpaper with patterns-black and white-eye catcher in the hallwayPhoto by Cole & Sun

Wallpaper pattern – abstract representation of the forest

Pattern wall wallpaper room effect influence ferm livingPhoto by Ferm Living

Filigree plant stems

Wall design paper-wallpaper-attaching patterns-floral shadowsPhoto by Ferm Living

Design rooms creatively with patterned wallpaper

Apartment entrance walls, decorating, decorating the hallwayPhoto by Cole & Sun

Classic wall covering with wallpaper bordeaux gray detailsPhoto by Cole & Sun

3d motifs wallpaper with pattern-adhesive design fermlivingPhoto by Ferm Living

wall design ideas with paper wallpaper-patternedPhoto by Ferm Living

Walls design ideas timeless flower patternsPhoto by Cole & Sun

striped wallpaper-black and white wood table chair rollablePhoto by Ferm Living

Designer wallpaper paper blue white pattern segments decorativePhoto by Ferm Living

modern wallpaper cole son-wall design collectionPhoto by Cole & Sun