Wall cladding

Mosaic tiles with digital motifs from Mosaico Digitale

mosaic tiles pool-decoration-karim-rashid-waterfall

Mosaic tiles have the characteristic of combining modern designs with a certain Mediterranean flair. The designs are now as diverse as the grains of sand by the sea. But the digital mosaic is particularly on the rise. These are motifs that are printed on the tile. As a result, any and individually designed designs are possible, which can be tailored to the wishes and tastes of the customer.

Resin-look mosaic tiles

mosaic-tile-landscape-living room-white-interior

The company Mosaico Digitale also offers breathtaking mosaic tiles with digital innovation. These are tiles with a resin look to which any motif can be added. The tiles are 100% customizable. These models are offered alongside the basic models.

Individual mosaic tile design

mosaic tiles gaeta-bathroom-inspiration-purple-pink-romantic-modern

Not only the motifs of the mosaic tiles can be changed. The shape can also be freely selected, as can the spacing and content of the individual tiles. They can be filled with elements of your choice. All of this takes place in consultation with the company, which guarantees you perfect advice and tips.

Rashid mosaic


Mosaico Digitale also works with well-known designers and artists. Fascinating projects have only recently emerged in collaboration with Karim Rashid and Mac Stopa. The designs that emerged are anything but ordinary. Modern, graphic motifs, originally shaped mosaic tiles and impressive colors create unique wall designs.

Artful ideas

mosaic tiles with a pointed look - white pattern mirror

The possibilities range from modern motifs to classic, artistic ones and add a clear value to each living area and even the outdoor area. The mosaic tile designs by Mosaico Digitale are already on display in many public buildings, including the Martinucci ice cream parlor shown above.

Mosaic instead of photo wallpaper

mosaic tiles santantonio-gold-accents-ombre-stone

The digital mosaic tiles are reminiscent of the classic photo wallpaper. The main difference, however, lies in the longevity that can only be guaranteed with high-quality tiles. Damp rooms such as bathrooms or even areas in the garden and on the terrace are unsuitable for most wallpapers. And this is where the tiles mentioned come into play again.

Choose any pattern


Complete the bathroom with patterns for the wall that you match with the rest of the interior of the room. Ornate patterns for an elegant room with a vintage flair or 3D patterns for minimalism create real eye-catchers and quickly become the focus without stealing the rest of the furniture.

Relaxing motifs


Not only private bathrooms can be upgraded with the attractive, digital motifs. Wellness and spa areas also use the mosaic tiles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Whether beach motifs or calming patterns, the word “relax” takes on a whole new meaning with an individual wall design of this kind.

Classic patterns

mosaic-tiles-akua-brown-beige-restaurant-accent wall-lighting

The resin look with which the mosaic tiles are designed give the overall look an attractive shine, which makes the patterns and motifs even better expression. Choose bright colors for a highlight in the room or neutral colors to create a harmonious harmony. The choice is yours!

Photos with a difference


The mosaic tiles seem to be a real photo at first glance. And that is no wonder, given the high-quality processing of your selected motif! In contrast to wallpaper, the tiles are much easier to clean and maintain. It is not without reason that tiles are one of the most popular wall coverings and floor coverings.

Modern graffiti design


Graffiti is becoming increasingly popular for interior design. So why not choose such motifs for the tiles, where they will last forever? Have any pictures made for you and then transferred to mosaic tiles by Mosaico Digitale and you get a design for the wall that does not require special care to last a lifetime.

Design by Stopa


Here you can see some of the works that were created in collaboration with Mac Stopa. The mosaic tile designs are captivating and demonstrate once again the diversity that is offered by Mosaico Digitale: Mosaic stones in different shapes and sizes are perfectly matched and at the same time consist of bright colors. The composition of the mosaic can be done in such a way that effective 3D images are created.

Design by Mosaico Digitale.