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Mosaic tiles for dreamy accents in every room

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Mosaic has been used as a decoration for thousands of years. The reason for this is that the small stones make it possible to put pretty pictures on the wall and last forever. The special thing about mosaics is that a stone is nothing extraordinary in itself. Only as a whole, i.e. in combination with many others, do you get its powerful effect. No wonder they are still popular to this day. This one Mosaic tiles Nowadays, if you have a surface made of glass or ceramic, the influence of light creates a wonderful effect that literally lets the room shine. The individual stones can be square, as well as oval, round, triangular or polygonal in shape. Mosaic tiles made from pebbles are also pretty. For a particularly luxurious look, there are even mosaics made of real gold, silver or precious stones.

 Mosaic tiles with a silver sheen for the kitchen rear wall

white-kitchen-row-mosaic-tiles-kitchen back wall-silver

Mosaic tiles are especially popular in the bathroom. There they can take up an entire wall or just set a nice accent by taking up only a certain area. So you can highlight the relaxing bathtub by decorating part of the wall behind with mosaic tiles. The many color variants make it possible to find the right one for every bathroom style, whether in bright red, luxurious gold or in a cozy, warm beige. The floor can of course also be laid with these tiles.

Mosaic tiles in many color variations


But accents with mosaic tiles are also popular in other rooms of the apartment. It is possible to decorate a wall in the living room, bedroom or hallway with breathtaking motifs made of flowers and thus replace the wallpaper. The result is more glamorous because of the sparkling stones. The kitchen also tolerates mosaic tiles very well. Whether on the floor with ornaments or as a decoration on the wall between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets – an eye-catcher is guaranteed. Are you looking for the right floor covering for the terrace or the garden paths? Then the mosaic tiles can also help you here. With a little imagination, you can conjure up wonderful patterns so that you can fully enjoy your time outdoors.

beautiful tulip created with mosaic


If you feel like it, you can of course create designs and patterns yourself to give the room a personal touch. The result will not only make you very proud, but also guarantee that no one else will own a wall or floor like yours. With this great idea, you can get the whole family involved and spend quality time with them.

red mosaic tiles as a backdrop


Can’t imagine mosaic tiles fitting into rooms other than the bathroom? Then convince yourself with the following gallery. Let yourself be inspired and design any wall in any room according to your taste.

Accents with mosaic in the bathroom and in the kitchen

kitchen mosaic tiles accents-aqua-mother-of-pearl-gloss

Mosaic tiles with geometric patterns

kitchen-mosaic-tiles-kitchen back-wall-white-brass

beautiful cloud motifs on the bathroom wall


white roses on a brown background





kitchen-mosaic-tiles-kitchen back wall-country-style-solid wood-kitchen

red lily flower mosaic wall decoration