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Modular wall system with 3D optics from Wovin Wall – ideas for wall decoration

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This unique modular Wall system with a 3d look was manufactured by the company Wovin Wall for wall and ceiling design. All of the company’s products are eye-catchers and amaze with their simple beauty and elegance.

Wall system with a 3D look – practical and impressive wall design

Design interior architecture-Wovin Wall

Soon after Wovin Wall became the designer- Wall system with a 3d look launched, the amazing product became a symbol for the whole company. Its distinctive appearance and excellent acoustic properties make it practically ideal wall cladding for any public space.

Diverse design options for wall systems with a 3D look

Red wall decoration idea Modular wall systems

The aesthetic three-dimensional elements are offered with different textures and in various color combinations and are easy to install. In addition, the wall panels can fulfill various functions and can be redesigned. That Wall system with a 3d look is an absolutely wonderful addition to your modern home.

Futuristic wall cladding trends in interior design

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That Wall system with a 3d look from Wovin Wall looks more like a futuristic and exquisite wall decoration. Beautiful color combinations from the innovative wall panels can already be seen in some restaurants and public spaces. An incredible design was created especially for Longraun Restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

Optical illusion of relief surface

Wall tiles-white pattern modular

The special thing about the design of this one Wall system with a 3d look is the arrangement of the so-called curved “tiles” in different directions. They create the optical illusion of a relief surface and give the room more openness and airiness. This is definitely a great advantage, especially for smaller rooms.

Wall systems with an interesting design

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That Wall system with a 3d look is not only modern and chic in interior design, but also an innovative idea for integrated wall lighting. The suspended ceiling and modular wall system by Wovin Wall can also be individually adapted to different interiors – depending on color, size or request.

Wovin wall for every type of interior

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Eye-catcher in the facility

Wovin Wall-Design interior design white-black-green wall system

Wall design for modern interior design

Wall Deco-Wovin Wall Design Ideas

Green modular wall systems

Green wall decoration Modulle-Wovin Wall

White wall elements

White wall modules Wovin Wall

3d modules in light gray 

Light gray modular wall design

Wall system in gray with metallic effect

modular wall system gray decoration

Decorative wall lighting

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