Wall cladding

Modular wall system from Abstracta for effective sound insulation

Triangular panels red wall system design

The wonderful project for modular wall system, called Bits Wall, was conceived by the talented designer Anya Sebton and realized in collaboration with Abstracta. The triangular elements impress with their beautiful aesthetics and are a spectacular addition to any house or public space. The wall panel system has one great advantage – perhaps its most important function is sound absorption.

Modular wall system made of high quality fabrics

Yellow wall modules Triangular relief surface

The beautiful triangular shape gives the interior more liveliness and attractiveness. The wall panels are made of polyester fibers and are covered with carefully selected high quality fabric that creates this chic and gorgeous look. An interesting feature of this wall design is its flexibility. Abstractas modular wall system can be laid either horizontally or vertically – depending on the wishes and needs of the customer. This function is made possible with the help of hanging rails.

Innovative wall cladding – flexible modular wall system

Modular wall system gray triangular relief wall

A modular wall system is perfect for people with a lot of imagination. In practice, you have a free hand with the wall design – the modules can be arranged voluntarily. It’s pretty interesting how flexible this modular construction actually is. So you can create different designs – either symmetrical or asymmetrical – depending on the free space.

Decorative wall covering – trends

Soundproofing red wall panels modular

When pragmatism meets creativity, the masterpiece emerges. That was exactly the case here. Bits Wall is a beautiful name for such a wonderful project. One is very impressed by the exterior and often forgets how innovative and practical this one is modular wall system is.

Sound-absorbing wall panels for modern wall design

Abstracta Design Red Module

The soundproofing function significantly increases the quality of life. The project by Anya Sebton and Abstracta for modular wall system is a modern solution to this problem, particularly suitable for public spaces – restaurants, libraries, schools, halls, etc. These wall elements in light colors create a cozy warm atmosphere and harmonize perfectly with the original interior design.

Wall decoration ideas – triangular patterns in yellow

Yellow Module Triangle Abstracta Design

Gray modular wall cladding

Gray wall panels modular wall design ideas

Wall design in light red – illusion for a 3d surface

Wall cladding Red wall panels module

Triangle module in gray

Module triangle wall system design