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Modern wall design: 70 pictures, ideas and tips for a wall as an accent in the room

modern wall design living room accents wall

When it comes to designing the walls at home, there are numerous options and stylish designs to choose from. Whether wall paint, wallpaper or an interesting type of wall cladding, the range of variants is really large. A particularly interesting effect is achieved if one of the walls is different from the others. In this way, a special accent can be set in the room, which changes the overall effect of the room. The so-called accent wall immediately attracts the eye and is usually the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. In the article you will find many ideas in pictures and visualizations for modern wall design with a wall as an accent.

Modern wall design with a wall as an accent in the living room

modern wall design in living room black wall accent

Accent walls are popular in every area of ​​the home, but they really come into their own in the living room. Usually the wall behind the TV is highlighted, for example with a different color or a wall panel. Wall cladding is the more expensive option, but it’s worth it. There is a large variety of materials and patterns that enable individual room design. Depending on the local conditions and budget, you can choose between wood, natural stone, brick or plastic. Interesting accents can also be set with paint or wallpaper.

modern wall design living room wall golden accents

modern interior design ideas wall cladding stone

modern wall design wall accent marble look

modern wall design kitchen living room wall marble

modern wall design living room accent wall marble look

modern wall design neutral colors accent wall living room

Set accents in the living room wall design stone

Stone wall in the living room as an accent indirect lighting bookcase

modern wall design mosaic large format pixels motif

modern wall design loft apartment brick wall accent

modern wall design brick wall as an accent

original design ideas wall design brick wall

modern wall design brick wall living room wallpaper

modern wall design made of wood wall covering living room

modern wall design living room wooden wall cozy atmosphere

small accent wall living room kitchen modern

modern wall design monochrome interior wooden wall

modern wall design living room wooden wall shelves

modern wall design small blocks of wood as shelves

modern wall design stairwell wall cladding wood

modern villa wall design idea accent wall 3d pattern

modern wall design japanese style wallpaper flowers accent

modern wall design spring motifs accent wall flowers

Set accents in the bedroom with an original wall design

Design ideas modern wall design bedroom wall accent

The accent wall in the bedroom is just as popular. Often combined with indirect LED lighting, it radiates a cozy atmosphere. A modern wall design with wood is very popular here, because wood gives every interior a natural touch. A dark wall with 3D cladding, on the other hand, looks extremely modern and looks very stylish in contrast to light furnishings. Geometric motifs or a brick wall can also be staged in a modern way in the bedroom.

modern wall design ideas a wall as an accent in the bedroom

modern wall design bedroom accent wall LED lighting

modern wall design bedroom wall accent behind bed

modern wall design textured wall panel

Bedroom design wall as an accent black 3d pattern

Bedroom design wall golden accents

Bedroom wall design ideas set accents

modern wall design bedroom wall panel beeswax pattern

modern wall design industrial style bedroom design

Accent wall bedroom geometric pattern LED lighting

modern wall design geometric pattern accent wall

modern bedroom accents set wall design

cool ideas for modern wall design bedroom wall concrete

modern wall design with stone rough look bedroom design

modern wall design wood bedroom wall

modern wall design wooden bedroom accent wall

Wall design ideas modern bedroom accent wall wood

Bedroom design ideas accent wall geometric

Wall design ideas rustic touch Reclaimed wood wall cladding

modern wall design black gold bedroom wall

modern wall design brick wall bedroom

modern wall design bedroom dark brick wall white interior

Examples of accent walls in the kitchen and dining room

modern wall design ideas kitchen brick wall accent

Although there are usually only a few empty walls in the kitchen, that does not mean that you cannot add accents with the wall design. In this area, brick or wallpaper with this look is very popular. Brick is best combined with white furniture, appliances and fronts. Other good options for interesting wall accents in the kitchen are wood and black chalkboard paint.

Brick wall kitchen accent modern wall design

Brick wall sets accents in modern interiors

Kitchen set up accent wall brick modern

modern wall design with stone wall as an accent kitchen

modern wall design mini apartment accent wall wood elements

Wall design dining room accent wall reclaimed wood red accents lights

Modern wall design ideas for hallways and hallways

modern wall design hallway accent wall ceiling LED lighting

Many underestimate the furnishings in the hallway and rely on bare white walls. But in a modern apartment, the hallway or hall should also score with a suitable design. Small murals or murals that are paired with indirect lighting look very modern. A few more interesting ideas follow in the photo gallery below.

Modern wall design in the hallway arched stone wall

Colorful wallpaper sets accents in the hallway

modern wall design hallway wallpaper colorful geometric pattern

modern wall design with color hallway wall hooks mirror

Accent wall hallway dark color 3d elements

Design bathrooms with a wall as an accent

modern wall design bathroom black accent wall textured

Last but not least, we have collected a few ideas for modern bathroom wall design. Nowadays, the bathroom is considered the oasis of calm at home and can be designed particularly elegantly with the right combination of colors and materials. Laying tiles in an interesting pattern or clad the wall with wood or natural stone are among the hottest bathroom design ideas right now.

modern wall design bathroom wall geometric pattern

modern bathroom wall accent wall design herringbone pattern

gray wall as an accent in the bathroom idea for modern wall design

modern wall design bathroom accent wall tiles green

modern wall design bathroom 3d wall panel flower motif

modern wall design bathroom wooden wall as an accent

modern wall design rustic touch bathroom accent wall

modern wall design in the bathroom accent wall stone

Wall design accent wall stone rustic bathroom