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Metallic wall design for a luxurious ambience with a glam effect

Metallic wall design-copper-panels-wall-decoration-lights-restaurant

Wall colors enchant our home and give it a completely new appearance. Intensive, exciting nuances can be wonderfully implemented as accent changes in the apartment in a stylish and modern way. Effects of the wall painting provide a chic, exotic note and eye-catcher. One metallic wall design transforms walls into shimmering gems. If you are looking for inspiring ideas with an extra dose of glam in interior design, you will surely find what you are looking for in the article.

Metallic wall design – ideas and tips for effective room design

Metallic wall design gold-panels-black-living room-kitschy-chesterfield

Metallic wall design can be achieved in different ways thanks to modern processes. Wall panels that are either upholstered with impressive upholstery fabric or made of decorative material look extremely effective. Other decorative accents complement the chic overall picture and indicate a big eight to detail. With such an expressive look, it is advisable to pay attention to more balance in the room design so that it does not come across as kitsch.

Metallic wall design for a wow effect in the room

Metallic wall design -gold-wall paint-effects-modern-chic

An accent wall with striking metallic shimmer is perhaps the ‘golden mean’ for unusual wall design. Depending on the desired effect, a metallic wall color, for example gold, can be used on a monochrome background using a sponge, dab or wipe technique, but also others that create color effects. The basic color serves as a connecting element with the rest of the interior and the unique imprints are eye-catching.

Metallic wall design with wall paint gold

Metallic wall design -wall color-gold-deco-chic-baroque

Metallic wall painting would be another option. An entire wall or, if desired, several in the room can be painted evenly and then perhaps decorated to match the style of living. The metallic trend colors include gold, silver, copper and the very latest rose gold. Wall color gold looks more than imposing and the furnishings and decoration in the baroque style go well with it.

Metallic wall design in old gold – wall color in the chic bathroom 


Basically, neutral, muted colors or tones from the warm color palette, such as beige, cream, terracotta, brown or pastel yellow, go well with a metallic wall design. Most of the time, however, gold is combined with black and white as a timeless color combination that has been particularly successful over the centuries. The metal look is noticeable and also looks very exciting, which has to be taken into account when designing the room. For small rooms it is advisable to use one or two shades from the same color family or to combine gold with white.

Achieve metallic wall design in the bathroom with mosaic tiles – luxury in gold

Metallic wall design -gold-bathroom-mosaic-tiles-chic-luxury

Most often gold appears as a wall design in bathrooms and is achieved with small mosaic tiles. These create a luxury atmosphere that is a bit reminiscent of the Greek bathing culture. According to this motto, bathing promotes well-being and health, which is why it is worthwhile to design the wet area luxuriously as a real wellness oasis. A bathroom with gilded, shiny walls is a dream come true for many who strive for luxury.

Metallic wall design in the bedroom – padded wall covering

metallic-wall-decoration-gold-panels-bedroom-upholstered-wall cladding

Wall design in metallic color, such as gold, serves as eye-catcher and is a stylish variant to set the optical center in the room. A wall can not only be plastered and painted, but also covered. Wall panels are flexible and easy to assemble, definitely the better option for rental apartments. These can be freely designed and only cover certain areas – such as the head area of ​​the bed in the bedroom.

Sequins create a metallic wall design – really girly in gold


A wall can also be upholstered with selected material. That could be a solid upholstery fabric with metallic effects or glittering sequin fabric, which are available in abundance by the meter. However, a stable surface is required to attach the fabric.

Metallic wall design with a soft shimmer – silver wall color

metallic-wall-design-wall-color-silver-glitter-effects-living room

Silver optics mostly come in the form of holding, metal elements that are robust and long-lasting, but mostly made of stainless steel. The gray sheen is generally referred to as silver, but it is not coated on the surface. As a rule, the appearance of metal is achieved by fine particles, for example made of aluminum or iron, which reflect the light. Therefore, the actual effect of a metallic cheek design depends heavily on the alignment, but also on the lighting.

Metallic wall design in the modern loft apartment – wall color white and silver


The application technique of the special wall paint is also decisive for the final effect. Paint applied with the same tool actually looks different when the directional course is different. With a special plastic trowel or a decorative wiper, lively surfaces are created when the directions are changed.

Effective metallic wall design – wall plaster and painting


Depending on the viewing angle, the appearance varies and creates something far more than just a glitter effect. The pigments reflect differently and create a translucent visual effect that often makes it difficult to determine the exact color shade. The color, as well as color intensity and strength can only be precisely defined on site. It is possible to test a few wall colors on the finished sample surface directly at the construction site and select the right one for the corresponding room situation.

Metallic wall design in silver for a chic bedroom


Depending on the desired effect, the metallic paint is applied several times or only once. In the first case, an opaque wall paint is targeted. The evenness after the drying time depends mainly on the type of pigment. Most of the time it is impossible to achieve a perfect surface due to the different orientation of the reflective particles in the color. If an opaque wall paint with a metallic effect is not desired, a base color is applied, then the metal color.

Metallic wall design in soft, silver nuances for the baby room – wall panels

metallic-wall-design-silver-panels-baby room-chic-white

A metallic wall design is well suited for every area of ​​the home if it is stylishly adapted to the rest of the interior. However, the otherwise extravagant metal color can only be added as a chic addition to the room and act more as an essence than to dominate. The color intensity and the effectively designed area should be well balanced in the corresponding interior. A good example is the use of wall panels in silver combined with others in light gray, gray blue and cream.

Chic, modern kitchen in white with metallic kitchen wall design made of mosaic tiles

metallic-wall-design-silver-kitchen-white-mosaic tiles-kitchen wall

Achieve a metallic wall design with wallpaper or self-adhesive foil


Instead of painting, a metallic wall design can be achieved with wallpaper or alternatively with self-adhesive film. The advantage here is that the end effect is immediately visible and there is no risk of missing the desired metallic wall color.

Showcase metallic effects in a tasteful way – chrome-plated furniture


Modern metallic wall design in copper color


Effectively stage the wall paint copper – exotic ornaments


Wall design inspired by metallic colors – pastel tones

metallic-wall-design-copper-inspired-pastel-colors-living room-bright

Modern decoration in metallic colors – copper


Metallic wall design with rust effects

metallic-wall-design-copper-rust-effects-wall paint-kitchen

Metallic wall design in the living room – tiles with patina-Effect


Metallic wall design with glitter