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Mediterranean wall design: colors and painting techniques

Mediterranean wall design outside-garden wall-plaster-orange-raised beds-brown

the Mediterranean wall design uses colors seen in the nature of Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain. These include the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, the turquoise and deep blue tones of the sea, the cream and sand tones of the beaches, the yellow, red and orange tones of the sun and the brown and terracotta tones of the earth. Take a look at a few examples of beautiful Mediterranean terraces and houses where these colors have been perfectly combined.

Mediterranean wall design in blue

mediterranean-wall-design-white-cobalt blue-wood-furniture-hallway

Blue is a basic color for the Mediterranean look and contrasts nicely with earthy terracotta, crisp white and vibrant yellow. Patterned wall tiles, clay pots and wood carvings really bring it to life. Blue, red and mustard yellow are associated with heaven, earth and sun and create a warm, harmonious overall picture.

Mediterranean wall design in red

Mediterranean wall design living room-yellow-dark orange-wall paint-wiping technique

Walls painted red and orange create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is cozy and lively at the same time. A red wall creates a dramatic backdrop for an antique buffet cabinet, wardrobe or console table. Red is often applied to brown or orange using the sponge technique. Rustic furniture and accessories made of wood such as lamps, shelves and side tables nicely complete the Mediterranean look.

Mediterranean wall design in yellow

Mediterranean wall design bathroom-yellow-wall paint-red-countertop-wood-cabinet

Paint a wall yellow in a blue and brown room to brighten it up. Yellow and blue convey a happy feeling, while the combination of yellow and earth tones is soft and warm.

Special painting techniques:

mediterranean-wall-design-special-painting-techniques-wiping technique

– Wiping technique

This painting technique creates attractive effects that can be achieved by applying several layers of paint. A glaze and a matching base color are used. The glaze is drawn across the wall in wide sweeps. The end result can be striking contrasts of light and dark, depending on the combination of colors you have chosen.

– Sponge technique

This technique is very simple and is suitable for both smooth and structured surfaces. The pores of a sponge leave delicate patterns on the wall. The best effect is created with a natural sponge.

Mediterranean wall design bedroom-yellow-wall paint-wood-bed-painting technique

– winding technology

The wrapping technique can be used to imitate the look of suede or velvet. For this you need a lint-free cloth that is wound into a roll and rolled on the wall.

Nice terrace in Mediterranean style

mediterranean-wall-design-garden-terrace-brown-orange-navy blue

Cobalt blue wall and red bricks


yellow plastered garden wall


a soft sand tone


light yellow walls in the Mediterranean kitchen


Cobalt blue and yellow or red and white

mediterrane-wall-design-abd-cobalt-blue-terracotta-red-wiping technique

patterned tiles are a feature of the Mediterranean style


yellow wall paint and solid wood bed

mediterranean-wall-design-bedroom-yellow-wiping technique-solid wood-bed

Natural stone flooring in the bedroom

mediterranean-wall-design-bedroom-yellow-accent wall-wooden furniture

warm teracotta color and wooden furniture

mediterranean-wall-design-interior-kitchen-dining-room-red-wall-wooden floor

white background and blue decorations

mediterranean-wall-design-cobalt blue-white-bathroom-terrace




mediterranean-wall-design-bathroom-plaster-beige-natural stone tiles

mediterranean-wall-design-bathroom-beige-wishtechnik-mosaic tiles-red-white-wood-cabinet

mediterranean-wall-design-outside-orange-wiping technique


mediterranean-wall-design-blue-white-wiping technique