Wall cladding

Let the wood wall cladding appear natural and modern on the inside

wood-wall cladding-interior-modern-corridor-relief-offset-table lamp-wall design

Nothing screams “1970s” like a room clad in wood. Even if you love the look of natural wood, that can Wood wall cladding seem overwhelming and out of date. If you want to save money or just enjoy the warmth of wood, there are several examples and ways to give your wood wall cladding a fresh and modern look.

Wood wall cladding in the kitchen

wood-wall cladding-interior-modern-kitchen-white-wall design-built-in devices

If you have your Wood wall cladding want to freshen up then you can paint them with modern colors or decorate them with contemporary art. Modern decor insists on simplicity: neutral colors, clean lines and geometric shapes. If you incorporate these features of modern design into your decoration, the boring wooden panels can turn into a stylish focal point in the room.

Wood wall cladding with built-in shelves

wood-wall cladding-interior-modern-homogeneous-wall-wall-door-living room

Instead of fighting the retro wood wallcovering, turn it into use in interior design. For example, if you have a room with white wood paneling, you can decorate the room with blue and white stripes, shell candles and mini lighthouses to create a nautical theme. If you have 1970 style wood panels, use modern furniture in light colors like orange or green and decorate with accessories from that period like table lamps and others.

Wood wall cladding as a highlight in the living room

wood-wall cladding-interior-modern-living room-beige-arco-designer-lamp

Wood wall cladding in the living room for a cozy ambience 

wood-wall cladding-interior-modern-corner-seating-pendant-lights-cushions-wood-stool

bright and Scandinavian

wooden wall cladding inside white furniture light wood panels

 Ethnic flairwooden panels wall cladding bedroom retro ethno

cozy nursery

wall cladding wood panels children's room cozy

Wooden coffee table compliments the wooden panels wood paneling interior living room desk picture window

rustic living room

rustic wall cladding interior living room white furniture

Bedroom in a forest house  wood wall cladding inside bedroom forest house brown

Children’s room for two  wall cladding indoor wood bedroom children pendant lamp

modern living room with fireplace  wooden wall interior modern living room fireplace ecru sofa

Recessed lights for beautiful effects

modern wood paneling dark recessed bedroom lighting

light wood and marble

wall cladding interior wood bright living room dining area

Furnishing in the country house style

wooden wall cladding interior country style light wood light blue

wood wall cladding modern bedroom accent wall

wall cladding from wood bedroom headboard  wood wall cladding inside light wood scandinavian white

wall cladding inside exotic black grain

wooden panels inside bright retro green sofa

wooden wall panels inside office design pc

wood paneling inside home office suspended ceiling

wood cladding inside built-in shelves square