Wall cladding

Innovative ideas for wall cladding – decorative acoustic panels

Innovative ideas for wall cladding

All innovative ideas for wall cladding by Anne Kyyrö Quinns combine beauty with functionality and environmental awareness. The decorative acoustic panels that the company makes always make a good impression no matter where they are used. The manufacturer works with customers, architects and interior designers to create innovative acoustic wall solutions for interior design.

Wall panels as innovative ideas for wall cladding

Innovative ideas for wall cladding orange acoustic panels

Innovative ideas for wall cladding are the modern solution for furnishing apartments and public spaces. The decorative wall panels are handcrafted from luxurious fabrics and are excellent as a contemporary wall decoration. Anne Kyyrö Quinn describes its own products as a bridge between modern city life and the natural landscape. The effect of the decorative acoustic panels can still be noticed in everyday life – they bring an elegant, inconspicuous beauty and comfort with them.

Innovative ideas for wall cladding in interior design

gray interior decorative acoustic wall design

With the panels, you can quickly and easily create an extraordinary accent wall that becomes an absolute highlight in the room. Thanks to the three-dimensional motifs and patterns, an interesting illusion is created that attracts everyone’s attention. If you’re still looking for the perfect solution to finally improve on that boring, bare wall that has been bothering you for so long, then these models may be just the ticket.

Modern wall design with flowers in orange

innovative ideas wall cladding-acoustic wall

Here is a nice example from the acoustic panel collection. It shows motifs similar to flowers that give the impression that you are being viewed through a microscope. The images stimulate the imagination and are unique in their execution. In addition, there is a strong orange color that can create a warm and at the same time striking accent in any type of room. This variant is also available in other colors, including a bright pink.

Acoustic wall cladding with colorful accents

Wall cladding acoustic panels Anne-Kyyro-Quinns

Acoustic wall panels in green and gray from London

Decorative acoustic wall panels Anne-Kyyro-Quinn green gray

Modern design in bold color variations – blossom in pink

Decorative acoustic wall panels