Wall cladding

Indoor and Outdoor Wall Cladding – Everything You Should Know

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If the classic wallpapers, wall paints or tiles have become too much for you, you can fall back on a very special type of wall design. What is meant is the wall cladding, which is not only suitable for the design of facades, but also for interiors. A multitude of materials and variants enables an individual and unusual type of furnishing with which a unique eye-catcher and a pleasant atmosphere can be created. In line with this topic, we would like to introduce you to the various wall cladding options and give you an overview that should make your choice easier.

Even if you have chosen the type of cladding for the walls, you should keep in mind that with most variants it can quickly become too much of a good thing. Especially when the material and design are dark in color, large wall coverings can be overwhelming and anything but cozy. In such cases, accent walls are a better choice. Nevertheless, there are also bright and subtle options that do not catch the eye and can spice up a room with pretty patterns and motifs.

Such a risk is less likely for the outside area, since the cladding for a facade is not used in a closed room. You can only proceed with caution again with covered terraces and balconies. You should also think about the right material here, because not everything that is good indoors is also suitable for outdoors. The material should be waterproof and also adapt to the style of the house.

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When you think of panels, you may think of rectangular or square panels made of different materials. But the possibilities nowadays go far beyond these classic forms. Panels and cladding can therefore also be found in a wide variety of other forms. Hexagonal or round models are available, those in teardrop shape and many more. Other irregular shapes are also present and can be made from not only plastic but other materials as well. Thus, individual wall designs are also possible here, which make a room look more lively and make it something really special.

Wall cladding made of wood

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Wood wall cladding can be implemented in different ways. On the one hand there is the classic wall paneling, which occurs mainly in the country house, Scandinavian, vintage or rustic style, but can also look very interesting in modern facilities if it is designed in a simple form or with a modern pattern. With the paneling, usually only the lower area of ​​the wall is designed with boards or panels, while the upper area remains free for other design options such as wallpaper, wall paint or plaster. But the entire wall can also be decorated with a classic design and thus enhance any type of style.

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Wooden panels as wall cladding are another variant. These can only cover a partial area or an entire wall. What used to be popular in the 60s and 70s, namely covering all four walls of a room with them, is no longer optimal today. Instead, choose an accent wall that you highlight with panels, create a great highlight. And then the wood as a material becomes anything but stuffy, old-fashioned or boring. Panels can not only have a simple surface, but can also be equipped with 3D effects, perforated patterns or other designs.

Wood facing in different designs create an attractive structure on the wall and are a warm alternative to stone that you can use as wood cladding inside. They are offered in the form of panels made of wood, as this makes them easier and faster to lay. The individual elements of the facing bricks can have a different shape. Panels made from rectangular and square pieces of wood are possible, but also those made from wooden disks.

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Would you have thought of using laminate as a wall cladding? This is a cheap alternative to real wood, but it looks at least as good. In addition, laminate is available in a wide variety of colors and with great patterns or even prints, so you won’t have a hard time finding exactly the right one for your taste and interior style. 

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Of course, you can also attach a wooden wall cladding to the outside. Here, however, you have to reckon with a greater need for care. In this case, the material must be painted regularly in order to be able to withstand the weather such as moisture, heat and cold. Despite this care, renovation is still necessary after years. Then the wall coverings are replaced. In addition to classic boards, wooden strips are often used, which are distributed along a house wall at a certain distance from one another. They are a modern and stylish alternative to classic wooden boards and create an attractive and natural-looking facade. Wood shingles are also not uncommon and create a pretty look.

Wall cladding made of stone

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Stone wall cladding is nothing new either, but it remains or is back in trend. Both rustic and modern interior designs are given the finishing touches with such a cladding and are reminiscent of the pleasant ambience of a mountain hut. Wall bricks made of stone are also available in different versions. Apart from the color, the shape of the individual stones can also vary. For modern houses, for example, a straight and simpler design made of rectangular or square-shaped stones is often used, while rustic furnishings with irregular stone slabs look very attractive.

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Natural stone wall cladding is very attractive and its naturalness enchants many house and apartment owners. However, it is also associated with higher costs. But if you don’t have such a budget, you can also use stone-look wall cladding. Plastic panels are used here, which optically come very close to real stones. There are also porcelain stoneware tiles that imitate natural stone, as well as clinker and concrete slabs. All of these materials are perfectly suited for wall cladding made of artificial stone and as facing bricks with a stone look and offer a wide range of colors and shapes. The so-called split wood types, which can have a three-dimensional surface and imitate stone wonderfully, are relatively new.

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Stone facing bricks are not only suitable for interior stone wall cladding. The natural stone wall is even particularly popular and suitable for outdoor use, as the material is weatherproof and will last a lifetime. Whether you design an entire facade or just add a few accents is not just a question of taste, but also of the budget. Alternatively, artificial stone panels can also be used again, which are also very suitable if you want to renew and cover an old wall.

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You can tile a stone wall with different types of stone. Sandstone, fine marble, granite or slate as wall cladding are only a small selection. You should just inquire in advance which types are suitable for indoor and which are suitable for outdoor, because not all of them are optimally suited for the changing weather. Some wall stones should be used more for indoor use. Above all, these are those that have many pores in which moisture can collect and break the stone in the event of frost. Wall stones inside can in turn be chosen as desired. However, more holey structures will accumulate more dirt, which you should also consider.

Plastic wall cladding

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When it comes to wall cladding made of plastic, the selection of designs is particularly large, as you are not limited by the natural look from nature, but all possible designs and patterns can be produced in an artificial way. If you choose plastic, you have the choice between different types. On the one hand, there is the possibility of imitating stone wall cladding for outside or inside, which we have already mentioned. But the selection is far from exhausted. Because modern panels enable a unique high-gloss look, but also a 3D wall cladding, whereby there are no limits to the colors. If you like it a little more subtle, you can opt for a white or other neutral color, regardless of whether it is high-gloss or a three-dimensional look. You can achieve extravagance in modern furnishings by using any bright colors.

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You can imitate any pattern and material with vinyl wall cladding. This type of wallpaper is just as artificial, but ensures that you can imitate not only stone, but also wood or even metal and get away with it cheaper than if you choose the real materials. Although it is wallpapers, they are anything but boring, as extremely realistic motifs and patterns can be produced, as with photo wallpapers.

Clad the inner and outer walls with metal

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Metal is particularly popular for outdoor use. The Corten steel wall cladding adorns more and more modern houses and that is no wonder. Not only are interesting panels with perforations offered, but the typical orange-brown color also looks very attractive and makes a simple facade much more interesting. In addition, it is a durable material that does not require any special care outside in order to last a long time. Wall coverings made of Corten are always interesting and can even be designed and manufactured individually and entirely according to the wishes of the customer. So you can be sure that exactly your facade is unique.

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But what is chic outside doesn’t have to be less attractive inside. But on the contrary! The industrial style in particular is great for using metal if you want to cover a wall. Corten is no exception. You can even choose from a wide variety of metal colors. Black steel, silver aluminum panels, shiny copper and others are easy-care, decorative elements that enhance walls and make a room more interesting.

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Stainless metals are also great for outdoor use. The aluminum wall cladding is very chic on the outside and can especially decorate modern houses. However, if you like the weathered look, you can also choose a metal that will change over time. The rust look of iron is very popular. Copper, in turn, has an interesting, greenish look. These metals can also be perforated in an interesting way. But simple engravings also create an original look.

Which material for which rooms?

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Which material is best suited for which room depends, of course, above all on its function. Wood is less suitable for a damp room. Of course, this also depends on the type of wood. Because some, like teak, get along really well with moisture. Otherwise all types of cladding are actually suitable.

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For wall cladding in the bathroom without tiles, it is best to choose metal, suitable wood or plastic panels. In the meantime, however, there are also beautiful wallpapers that are waterproof and can be used in the bathroom. Only the wall cladding for the shower and the area around the tub should not be made of more sensitive materials. Wall panels in stone optics, decorative stones for the wall and natural stone look particularly original and unusual and create a very special atmosphere in the bathroom. The style does not matter here. Because stone, wood and plastic for bathroom panels instead of tiles and as wall cladding for the bathroom look great with ultra-modern accessories as well as with those in retro or vintage style.

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When it comes to wall cladding for the kitchen, the choice of material largely depends on which area you want to clad. So it doesn’t really matter for the large walls, while the kitchen splashback is not suitable for every material. Wall cladding made of glass, metal or plastic is best, as these materials are waterproof and, thanks to the smooth surface, can be easily cleaned. Stone is also waterproof, but it is important that no rough surface is chosen. Otherwise, splashes of fat will accumulate, which can then hardly be removed. So if you choose stone and want to glue a stone wall, choose a kitchen wall cladding with smooth stone.

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And while the kitchen and bathroom wall cladding should be chosen more carefully and if possible a washable wall cladding, none of this plays a role in the living room, dining room, bedroom and hallway. This is because there is no excessive moisture here, and the walls are not soiled during cooking or washing. Thus, all variants are suitable and their design and color should only be matched to the furnishing style.

Combine materials

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Of course, the claddings mentioned can also be combined with each other and with other materials and surfaces. Both wood and metal in combination with concrete look very attractive and make a modern wall design even more interesting. The original color of the Corten steel also comes into its own in combination with concrete. Wood can be combined with wallpaper and also with metal. In principle, there are no specific rules and limits for interaction. Be brave when choosing and trust your own taste and imagination.