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Idea for creative wall design – interior plaster and wallpaper in one unique product


Although neutral colors are all the rage, color and texture on the walls can conjure up a whole new atmosphere in the room. Creative wall design can be so easy! And we’re not talking about ideas with wall paints, wall stickers and self-painted patterns, but about an interesting product that would give your walls a very special touch.

Creative wall design – liquid wallpaper by Silk Plaster


Silk plaster is a universal and versatile material for the design and finishing of walls and ceilings. It is called decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper and makes every room unique. This silk coating consists of silk and cellulose fibers, glue and decorative mineral additives, which makes it very shiny, soft and elastic. It is also environmentally friendly and meets contemporary ecological requirements (according to AgBB evaluation scheme tested, designation A + in France, M1 in Finland and “Blue Angel” seal). Since it is antistatic (no dust adheres) and does not contain any active chemical compounds, the liquid wallpaper by Silk Plaster is particularly suitable for people who are sensitive to allergic diseases.

Environmentally friendly and creative wall design

creative wall design idea-liquid-wallpaper-cleaning-bag-water-mix

The liquid wallpaper Silk Plaster is ready to use and very easy to apply to the walls. No special skills, tools or leveling of uneven walls are required. The material is mixed with water and applied with a trowel. There are no cracks and the transitions are seamless. Exclusive pictures and graphics can also be created, such as floral flourishes in the bedroom or a picture of SpongeBob SquarePants and Nemo in the children’s room. Your imagination is the limit. And as you might guess, Silk Plaster offers a huge range of colors and textures. To be more precise – 567 colors and the ability to create your own color. There are tons of videos, tips and detailed instructions online that explain how to use the decorative plaster and what to create with it.


The liquid wallpaper is strongly fixed to the wall and is very durable. It has an 8 year guarantee, colors do not fade over time in sunlight and if the surface is damaged, the liquid wallpaper can be repaired. Another plus point – the soft, porous liquid wallpaper stores heat and is soundproof. After all of these positive qualities we mentioned, you might think that the price is too high for you. But this creative wall design will surprise you. You can find more information on this on the website of Silk Plaster in Germany.

Neutral colors and a silky surface

creative wall design idea-living room-bedroom-neutral-colors

Earth colors in the bedroom






And a few examples of how bright colors can be used in children’s and teenagers’ rooms

Lila in the youth room

creative wall design idea-youth-room-purple-decorative-plaster

Accent wall with liquid wallpaper in yellow

creative wall design -idea-youth-room-decorative-plaster-liquid-wallpaper-yellow

Tree motif on the wall in a child’s room

creative-wall-design-idea-children's room-plaster-tree-motif-two-colors

Liquid wallpaper in gray with a silky texture

creative wall design -idea-children's room-tree-motif-liquid-wallpaper-decorative-plaster

Creatively design walls in the children’s room


create beautiful pictures on the wall in the nursery


Conjure up floral flourishes with the decorative interior plaster Silk Plaster