Wall cladding

Gray natural stone wall & concrete for a modern house with window fronts

natural stone wall room design-concrete ceiling-deck chairs-chaise longue-carpet

Modern houses can be designed in many ways. Natural and artificial materials can be wonderfully combined with one another. The example also creates a mix of materials that creates a unique and modern interior that a lot of people dream of. A special feature is that Natural stone wall, which can be found everywhere in the house. If you are curious, you can visit Cadaval’s house & Solà-Morales, see the gallery below.

Natural stone wall inside and outside

natural stone wall living room-seating area-wood-furniture-concrete-stairs

The natural stone wall has a gray color. For this reason, the combination of natural stones for walls with gray concrete is very successful. In addition to the stone wall, concrete also plays a leading role. The modern material not only adorns the floor and stairs, but also the ceiling in the board pattern and the modern kitchen island.

Natural stone wall and window fronts

natural stone wall living area-view-garden-mountain-seating area

Those walls that are not made of natural stone are in turn large window fronts, which not only allow a lot of light to penetrate the monochrome interior of the house, but also allow a breathtaking view of the mountains and the beautiful garden. The mix of materials is not only guaranteed by natural stone walls, concrete and glass.

Stone wall in the living room

natural stone wall simple-furnishing-dark-wood-furniture-round-dining-table

In addition, there is also attractive furniture made of dark wood, which gives the house a certain exotic flair, while the natural stone wall exudes rustic charm. The stone wall look adapts wonderfully to the nature that surrounds the house and makes it appear less like a contrast in the middle of nature. Incidentally, stones with an irregular shape were used for the natural stone wall.

Modern bedroom design

natural stone wall bedroom-orange-pink-furnishing-white-bed-concrete-floor-gray

The stone wall can not only be found in the living room. Just as the natural stone wall creates a pleasant atmosphere in the living room, it also does the same in the bedroom. Instead of dark furniture, white was chosen for this room, which was also combined with beautiful colors such as pink, orange and coral. The natural stone wall is again supplemented by concrete for a half-height wall, floor and stairs.

Covered terrace

natural stone-wall-interior-coffee table-side table-wicker chair-sloping roof

The natural stone wall inside also combined with those for the outside area. There is also a wall made of natural stone on this covered terrace, which was simply furnished with a wooden table and two rocking chairs. There is also a door in the natural stone wall that leads into the interior of the house.

Natural stone wall and original architecture

natural stone-wall-minimalist-house-design-sloping-walls

The stone wall inside is the same as that which forms the facade of the house. In this way, the natural look of the house is already evident outside. Nevertheless, the house bears witness to an original and modern architecture in which it is not uncommon for the natural stone wall to run diagonally. In addition, there is the interesting sloping roof, which was designed with a concrete slab in a board look.

Minimalist facade

natural stone-wall-entrance-glass-door-black-window frame-modern

The natural stone wall is combined with window and door frames in black. The black color can also be found in the steel beams in the interior, as well as in some textiles and upholstery. The combination of black and gray creates a stylish and elegant interior, which is even emphasized by the simple retro furniture.

Minimalist garden

natural stone-wall-terrace-idea-rustic-modern-floor-concrete-ceiling

The garden that surrounds the entire house is also simple and stylish. In addition to a few trees and bushes, only a green lawn adorns the outside area. In this way, the garden design does not unnecessarily distract from the natural surroundings. The natural stone wall represents a wonderful background for the garden design.

Open terrace

natural stone-wall-facade-modern-house-design-window front

In front of the large window front there is also a large terrace without a roof. Gravel forms the subsoil. In addition to a seating area with table and chairs, there is also a modern fire bowl on the terrace, which is supposed to make the cool evenings in the mountains warmer and more comfortable. In terms of color, the terrace also adapts to the gray natural stone wall.

Stone wall for the Bauhaus

natural stone-wall-bauhaus-large-window-minimalist-garden-flat-roof

All in all, the house with natural stone wall, concrete, glass, wood and metal is an extremely successful design that almost everyone will find impressive and attractive. It is a great alternative to the classic wooden mountain hut without losing its natural look. A great design for everyone who likes modern architecture and furnishing style!

Design by Cadaval & Solà-Morales.