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Flat color ideas for every room – 13 great inspirations

color ideas apartment blue inspiration living room cozy atmosphere

Are you ready to renovate your apartment and bring new freshness to every room? Here are some great ones Flat color ideas, that you can use for the remodeling. There are great ideas for the living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen. Let yourself be inspected and find out what advantages the different colors have for the rest of the interior.

Apartment color ideas for the living room

color ideas apartment green pastel tone wall color neutral furnishings-living room fireplace

A subtle green makes the living room bright and friendly without appearing too simple. However, you should be careful with the rest of the colors. As an apartment, choose color ideas for furniture, accessories and decorations either similar nuances or a contrasting color from the neutral palette.

Powerful apartment color ideas

color ideas flat red accent wall living room wood furniture bright lighting

Strong colors as an apartment Color ideas should only be used as accents. This is especially true for the red color. In this way you create an interesting change in the middle of the white wall design. The red accent wall also radiates a pleasant warmth. If the accent wall is also illuminated, you even increase the effect.

Brown idea for the apartment

color ideas flat brown nuance pictures deco pink sofa living room stool black

If you want a strong, yet neutral color, choose brown. This tone also creates a warm ambience, but is too conspicuous, like the red color, for example. You can also combine neutral colors with any other colors. In this example of our apartment color ideas, a pink sofa was used.

Colors for the kitchen

color ideas flat white wall kitchen cupboards lavender discreet pastel

With white apartment color ideas for the walls, you can play freely with the colors for the furniture. In this kitchen, however, a subtle pastel shade in lavender was chosen for the kitchen cabinets rather than a strong color. In this case, the white walls are particularly important, as a strong wall color would just swallow the subtle tone.

Modern color ideas in gray

apartment color ideas kitchen gray wood wall green red accent bar chairs

The gray wall color is not necessarily used in these apartment color ideas to highlight the gray cabinets. Instead, this should complement the design. However, the light wooden elements are wonderfully expressed.

Determine the color with tiles

color ideas flat tiles small green kitchen design wood

The color of the wall in the kitchen can also be determined with the help of tiles. This example of the apartment color ideas in the kitchen shows green tiles in small format. They create a harmonious atmosphere. The large-format tiles represent an interesting contrast for the floor.

Bedroom color ideas

apartment color ideas gray design wall design lime green carpet accent

We also have another example of the apartment color ideas in gray for the bedroom. As you can see, you can use this color wonderfully to set certain contrasting colors in scene and use them as accents.

White color idea with colored accents

apartment color ideas modern bedroom furnishings white gray yellow apartment color ideas gray design wall design lime green carpet accent blue gray

The same goes for the white color. It can be combined with all other colors, makes the room appear larger and emphasizes colorful elements in the form of furniture or decorations. In this case, the tones white, gray, yellow and blue were chosen as apartment color ideas.

Flat color ideas in blue-gray

color ideas flat bedroom modern gray furnishing white bed mural accent

The color blue-gray is very modern. It also has an elegant side to it. For this reason, it is not only perfect for the bedroom. In principle, each of our apartment color ideas is suitable for every room.

Design the dining room of the apartment

color ideas flat minimalist white furniture black wall dining room

The black wall paint is without a doubt something for the more daring of you. If possible, it should be used for an accent wall. However, here you again have the opportunity to put light-colored furniture and accessories in the limelight, as in this example for apartment color ideas, where this is done with white dining room furniture.

Subtle gray tone

color ideas flat discreet wall color blue-gray dark wood table

Design your dining room in a subtle wall color as apartment color ideas, if you have chosen a dark one for the furniture. We find this shade of gray, which has a certain blue cast, particularly chic.

White and colorful accents

apartment color ideas white wall color dining room green chairs accent

The above-mentioned rules for apartment color ideas naturally also apply to the dining room. Here, too, the white room is spiced up with colorful accents. This is achieved with a dark wooden table and modern, bright green chairs. The advantage of this variant is that the furniture can be changed quickly if you get bored. A dark wall color, however, is brightened more elaborately.