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Eye-catching Wall Decal Design – 20 Cool Wall Decoration Ideas

Wall tattoo world map decoration ideas corner sofa colorful pillows

With a flashy Wall decal design walls and surfaces become eye-catchers in every room. Wall decorations have a positive effect on both children and adults – they add a refreshing touch to the room and give it individuality and style.

Freshness kick for the apartment – wall sticker design

Wall decal ideas-animals horse-living room design

Wall decals are more practical compared to wallpaper because they are easier to stick and remove from the wall. With a trendy Wall decal design a room can be remodeled quickly and easily. There are numerous wall decorations on the market for every individual taste.

Wall sticker design for the nursery

Wall sticker foyer green-floral motifs

A suitable one Wall decal design brings life and color to the wall. The wall tattoos inspire young and old. The wall stickers for children’s rooms can be adapted to the preferences of the child. There is a very large selection of stickers especially for girls – princesses, unicorns, angels, and for boys – pirates, dinosaurs, Indians, athletes, etc..

Wall sticker for living room

Living space design elephant animal pattern wall decoration

With an expressive Wall decal design one can stimulate the imagination. Attractive animal patterns are the ideal addition to the living room. Exclusive sports motifs and wall slogans that are pasted onto the entire wall are another popular alternative to wall decoration in the living room. You have a free hand in the choice – shape and farms can be determined according to your own taste.

Individual room design

Living room upholstered skyline wall decal ideas

Fascinating skyline wall stickers have been developed for all passionate travelers. New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong are even more attractive when you see them on the wall every day. If you miss your favorite place, you can do it with a Skyline-Wall decal design always have a piece of it on the wall. Decorative silhouettes of famous people can be well suited for your own living environment.

Wall stickers for soccer fans

Football fans wall decal design ideas

There are exclusive ones for all athletes and fans Wall decal design Ideas with the right sports motifs. They are well suited for the living room, hobby room, TV corner and youth room.

Romantic wall decoration in the bedroom

Wall decal butterflies bedroom-pink

Flowers, plants and blossoms are very popular patterns for wall decoration in the bedroom. Put a nice accent with an individual Wall decal design. Wall tattoos work well on smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, wardrobes, etc. and create a good mood and happy atmosphere.

Photos via: highstylewalldecals.com and wall-art.de

Wall decoration – branches and leaves

Living room wall tattoo ideas floral motifs-black seating

Hallway design – wall with patterns

Loving wall decoration rose-white green door design

Wall sticker set in pink 

Wall sticker butterflies-cherry blossoms pink

Green wall with white wall sticker – bird pattern

Wall decoration white-green-living room-birds pattern

Wall tattoo for kids room

Wall sticker leaves flowers birds motifs

Cool wall decals with floral patterns

White corner sofa wall decals white dandelion

Sports motifs as wall decorations

Wall Decal-Tattoo Baseball Sports Motifs Design

Retro wall decoration – plants

Vintage table floral wall decoration

Wall sticker design for girls room

Wall stickers girl's room gray-pink white ideas

Hallway design – stairwell with wall decoration

Staircase Glass Railing Wall Decals Design Silhouette

Wall decal for bathroom

Wanddeko Wandtattoo-Bad Tattoo-Diver

Wall sticker – peacock 

Wall decoration wall tattoo peacock blue armchair

 Wall sticker – deer antlers on the wall

Wall decoration tattoo antler living room design ideas