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Decorative water wall – original decoration ideas for wall design

Water wall design

Decorative water wall is the most original decoration ideas for your modern wall design. What do you think of when you hear the word well? However, imagine a romantic, grand atmosphere, as if you were in a fairytale castle. You could create a little bit of this imagination at home

Create a fairytale atmosphere at home – decorative water wall

beautiful wall decoration water fountain

the decorative water wall is a beautiful furnishing idea for your office or your living room. The wonderful collections that Kinetic Fountains present are different and so varied that there is something for every taste. Be amazed by the variety and soon you would definitely be installing a water fountain at home too.

Decorative water wall – calming and stylish

Water wall design idea

The designs are unusual and can be perfectly combined depending on the interior. Detached decorative water wall made of glass is the perfect addition to a minimalist house interior, for example.

Wall decoration with wall fountain

modern wall design fountain

Invite nature to your home! Enjoy the sound of running water every day, even though the forest and the streams are far away from your home! The water walls have been embellished with pebbles. The right lighting contributes to the natural look of the living space. Made of marble, stone, glass, stainless steel and others, each decorative water wall from Kinetic fountains is all it takes to make an impression.

Modern minimalist interior

Decorative water wall

Aspen water wall design

Aspen water wall