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Decorative acoustic wall panels – ideas for wall cladding

Acoustic Wall Panels-White Relief Flower Pattern Design Ideas

Stunning, artistic, eye catching and stylish – all of these words refer to a single project – decorative acoustic wall panels by Anne Kyyrö Quinn. This elegant wall system series is called Bloom and is not only beautiful, but also significantly improves the room acoustics. Bloom textile walls are clean, simple, delicate and absolutely fantastic. They are multifunctional and also universal – they work well for absolutely any interior – modern, futuristic, urban or even traditional.

Decorative acoustic wall panels with relief patterns

Decorative wall decoration system red flower textile wall

The beauty and delicacy of flowers inspired the designers to create their amazing designs. This wonderful project for decorative acoustic wall panels also gives us a broader perspective on the unique style and craftsmanship of the company. All of the company’s products are planned down to the smallest detail, are extraordinary and innovative. With their bright colors and the variety of different figures and textures – the wall panels from QUINN are an unmistakable trademark.

Decorative acoustic wall panels – wall decoration ideas for home or public spaces

Wall decoration acoustic wall design black and white

As you can see for yourself, Anne are Kyyrö Quinns decorative acoustic wall panels very suitable for various interior arrangements. They are easy to install both at home and in public spaces. The Bloom wall system is also a good wall decoration option for schools, kindergartens, offices, foyers, restaurants, cafes. It is probably one of the most beautiful and alluring decorations.

Decorative acoustic walls – innovative design

Acoustic wall deco black and white floral pattern design

Today aesthetics is almost everything. Many people would like to live and work in a colorful, bright and warm atmosphere. Decorative acoustic wall panels Bloom create a new fabulous reality, surround us with delicacy and security. Enjoy the stunning design ideas from Anne Kyyrö Quinn.

Wall panels made of fabric with relief patterns

Textile wall panels black and white Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Acoustic wall panelsWall decoration Anne Kyyrö Quinn-Bloom series