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Dark wall color as room design – tips for a perfect ambience

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Perhaps you have already thought about a dark wall color, but then you didn’t dare. Many see dark colors as a risk for interior design and prefer not to experiment so as not to regret it afterwards. But you have certainly already seen many attractive facilities that look so special because of the dark walls.

dark wall color interior-berry-side-table-decorate-vintage-mirror-ornaments

But how was the perfect ambience achieved there? We would like to explain this to you in this article with a few tips. Learn how you can avoid a depressed feeling of living and instead create an elegant and stylish interior. And it depends on the details. With a few tricks you can ensure that even small rooms look cozy and cozy.

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Dark wall colors are trendy. And it doesn’t matter where in the house. They are not only used in the living room, but also in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. The color nuances range from dark gray, purple and blue to black. Petrol and amethyst are also particularly popular.

The dark wall color and its disadvantages

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As daring as this type of wall design is, it can undoubtedly also pay off. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold from you the disadvantages that may be associated with it. On the one hand, they often ensure that the room looks smaller, narrower and, so to speak, cave-like, even though the dark wall color itself is rather warm and cozy.

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In addition, walls that are directly illuminated by the sun also heat up faster. This can be very uncomfortable, especially in hot summer, and causes the paintwork or wallpaper to fade faster. Therefore, in many cases, suitable sun protection must be considered.

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A perfect execution is not only desired, but downright compulsory and that is another point that prevents many from this wall design. Every tiny bump, every flaw on the walls becomes visible with dark wall colors. And should you one day decide to paint the wall light again, these bumps will remain visible.

Tips for a successful remodel

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Now, however, you shouldn’t put these things off right away. Because there are also a lot of advantages that are related to the design. Ultimately, it is just a wall paint that is by and large associated with relatively little risk and can also be reversed at any time. However, if you adhere to the following tips, it is unlikely to happen.

The size of the room doesn’t matter

dark-wall-color-berry-lilac-purple-vintage-chest of drawers-wall-pictures-decoration

The size of a room should by no means be the reason that you shy away from bold wall colors. Because the dark wall color blurs the corners and edges of a room, as there are no more shadows to be seen. The result is that the room looks infinite and therefore even spacious.

dark-wall-color-vintage-living room-white-furniture-blue-wall

But so that the feeling of living can also appear cozy in a small room, a balance must be created. The best way to achieve this is with light-colored furniture and textiles. The pieces of furniture also come into their own against the new, darker background. Then you no longer need to worry about an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Accents create dimensions

dark wall color petrol-retro-chest of drawers-yellow-chair-contrast

Create an optical illusion that will support the dark walls. In addition to light-colored furniture, you can also use other light-colored accents for this purpose. Put, for example, a colored lacquered chair in the room as an eye-catcher. A special pillow or blanket, carpet or other decorations are also suitable for this tip.


Such accents then attract attention and turn into the center of the room, so to speak. The dark wall color falls into the background not only metaphorically, but literally and is no longer too big an eye-catcher. Ultimately, this is the role played by the accents. Wall and furnishings, or decoration, complement each other perfectly!

What to do with a low ceiling?


If you want to paint a room with a fairly low ceiling, that doesn’t have to deter you from the dark color. All you should keep in mind here is that you shouldn’t be painting the molding the same color as the ceiling, as you normally would. Instead, use the same color that you used for the walls. So paint them, for example, a shade of brown, then do the same with the moldings.

dark-wall-color-dark green-tips-ideas-elegance

This trick for dark walls and low ceilings ensures that you visually lengthen the walls by more or less hiding the moldings. The ceiling then no longer looks so low. You can increase this effect by placing a mirror opposite the wall. The mirror image automatically makes the room appear more spacious.

Start with small spaces

dark wall color purple-stairs-light-stairs-hallway-inspiration

Small rooms are not only perfect for the dark wall color. In fact, they are best to start with, especially if you are still not sure. Design a small room with the chosen color, be it the bathroom or another small room. Of course, you can also paint the hallway. This room then becomes the jewel of your home.


Dark wall colors can either be an interesting color accent or a deep, neutral background. This mainly depends on the amount of light that is available in the room. Alternatively, you can just design an accent wall in a darker shade. If you take a liking to it, you still have the option of extending it to the other walls.

More wall colors ideas and interior designs

dark-wall-color-ideas-modern-parquet-wall-decoration-dining area

A blue-gray wall was designed in this dining room. The maritime furnishings are a combination of light and dark furniture, creating a harmonious ambience. The dark wall color is also a wonderful background for the driftwood wall decoration. The result is stylish, elegant and homely at the same time.

dark wall color kitchen-green-cupboards-sloping ceilings-marble

The dark green was used in this kitchen in an original way. It adorns the area above the tip guard, where the upper cabinets are usually located. Instead, the color serves as a background for pictures. The kitchen cupboards were designed in the same color. The green tone was combined with white marble for the worktop and the back wall of the kitchen.

dark-wall-color-furniture-light-carpet-accent wall-curtains

If you want to set up a room in black and white, you can do this as in the example above. The living room is also a great example of how you can use darker hues for an accent wall. The furnishings, as well as accessories and decorations such as lamps, carpets or curtains, on the other hand, are chosen in white.

dark-wall-color-bedroom-turquoise-four-poster bed-gold-accents-decoration

No matter which wall colors you choose, they don’t necessarily have to reach the ceiling. Especially in rooms with a high ceiling, the wall can only be colored up to a certain height, while the rest simply remains white. This makes the room look lower and more comfortable. This was done in the upstairs bedroom.


In this bedroom, in turn, a beam separates the ceiling from the wall and, so to speak, takes on the role of a decorative strip. Black serves here as a background for light furniture in beige and white. All colors complement each other wonderfully and create a cozy bedroom that also impresses with its elegance. You can combine darker walls wonderfully with neutral colors.


The large windows in this room allow a completely dark interior, with black and dark blue being chosen for the walls and furniture. The noble golden color, which is represented in the door handles of the chest of drawers, the lamp stand and in the curtains, serves as accents. Only the base under the window is white. The floor is made of light wood.

dark-wall-color-living-ideas-bathroom-wood-gray-bathtub-wash cabinet

If you are wondering how a dark wall color could look in the bathroom, you can perhaps use this example as a guide. The walls are made of wood and have been painted in dark gray. They are complemented by the tub and the wash cabinet in the same color. In contrast to this are the white marble and the decorations and towels in white.


This living room was also designed in black and white. If you use a glossy surface for the wall, you can also use our tip for the low wall or small rooms, where the reflection of a mirror is used to create space optically, only in this case you do not use a mirror for this purpose need, but the wall does the job.

dark-wall-color-living room-blue-white-maritime-ambience-chic-elegant

A nice combination of blue and white has also been designed in this living room. The blue walls are complemented and decorated with white accents everywhere. In addition, there is white seating, which is not only set off perfectly by the dark wall, but also by the black parquet floor, which even underlines the elegance.

dark-wall-color-living room-idea-wood-ceiling-mural-gray-leather sofa

The dark gray design in this living room serves as a backdrop for a modern interior. It is complemented by a gray leather sofa, a stool made of leather and various metals that can be found in the chairs, lamps and some decorations. The wall is also used to emphasize a light mural.

dark-wall-color-molding-white-black-wall-coffee table-wooden floor-seating area

Combine cold and darker shades with warm earth tones as you wish. The living room above shows how this can be done. Light brown leather chairs and different wood tones for the furniture make the room even more cozy. The transition is created by the white sofa with dark cushions that match the floor and the wall and a brown sofa cushion that in turn adapts to the other furniture.


This wall was also only made dark up to a certain height. The conclusion is a pretty decorative strip in white color. Another is below the ceiling. So you can see that several strips can be wonderfully combined without any problems. Fireplaces made of wood or in white color will stand out very well on a dark wall.


If you want a particularly extravagant furnishing, then use different colors for the furnishing and design of the room and create an interesting patchwork arrangement. A turquoise wall was designed for the living room and combined with a red armchair, a dark blue sofa, various yellow accents and a carpet in green and blue.

dark-wall-color-dark-red-bedroom-furnishings-four-poster bed-romantic-metal-wood

If you want it dark but also warm at the same time, then choose a dark red color. This can be combined with different wood colors, but also with metal in any color and is therefore suitable for a wide variety of furnishing styles. Even doors can be an interesting decoration in the middle of the wall.

dark wall color dining room-blue-gray-chairs-white-mirror-fireplace

You can see a stylish and elegant dining room here. The petrol green serves as a colored background for the chairs in white and gray. There are also mirror surfaces and glass combined with metal. Using the furniture colors, you can create an individual atmosphere at any time and choose any style for this purpose. Wall and floor do not necessarily have to be similar in color to match.