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Creative wall design with 3D ceramic tiles from Atlas Concorde

creative wall design -3d-ceramic-gray-anthracite-structure-geometric-luminaire

The concept for creative wall design is rarely associated with tiles. The Italian manufacturer Atlas Concorde offers a wide range of products with an unmistakable character. Simple, minimalist design creates a visual 3D effect by tiling an entire wall or area. When illuminated, the ceramic tiles create a vibrating, breathtaking overall picture that creates a modern, elegant ambience in the room.

Creative wall design with a 3D effect

creative wall design -3d-ceramic-relief-living room-gray-wooden floor-modern

The structural ceramic tiles have a matt, monochrome look and are wonderfully suitable for wet rooms, but also for living areas. The unmistakable structure creates a very interesting 3D effect – light and shadow make the geometric shapes look particularly voluminous and material. These are available in panels or tiles with a size of 50 x 110 centimeters.

Creative wall design with 3D ceramic tiles

creative wall design -3d-ceramic-bathroom-anthracite-gray-relief-structure

All textures are available in brilliant matt white, which further enhances the light-shadow effect. The warm and natural sand tone emphasizes the soft surface of “Ribbon” and “Dune”, while the intense anthracite color tone gives the “Grid” and “Diamond” designs a dramatic look.

Wall design with an effective look – ceramic tiles

creative wall design -3d-ceramic-bathroom-white-wooden floor-bathtub-shower

“Grid” and “Wave” are presented with a glossy white high-gloss surface and beautifully reflect the light in the room. You can create an airy atmosphere even in a small bathroom.

White wall design with an unmistakable structure


Unmistakable wall design for the bathroom and not only


White walls with a 3D structure


Modern design of ceramic tiles for wall design with 3D effect 


  3D ceramic tiles “Diamond” with a geometric shape and a matt look


Minimalist designed bathroom in white – accent on the ceramic tiles


“Wave” in white with a glossy surface 


creative-wall-design-3d-ceramic-tiles-white-dining-table-chairs-pendant lamp

“Ribbon” ceramic tiles in a white matt look have a very natural and calming effect 


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