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Ceiling design – spice up your interior effectively!

ceiling design silver kitchen elegant dining table chandelier

The ceiling of the apartment is usually undeservedly neglected. Seldom enough attention is paid to it and it offers so many design options. To make your blanket pretty, too, all you need is a few inspirations, and that’s what we’d like to introduce to you in this article. They are various examples of that Ceiling design. Whether in gold, geometric shapes, with tiles or textile – there are many impressive variants. If you still have doubts about a designed ceiling, the ideas are sure to win you over.

Ceiling design in a winter garden

winter garden living room cover design wood sofa armchair apartment

Design by Refined LLC.

A wooden ceiling is also very effective. This ensures a warm atmosphere, especially in bright or sterile rooms. You are also welcome to design your winter garden with such a ceiling design, as was done in the example.

Ceiling design in the form of stars

lighting ceiling stars living room bedroom renovate

Effect of light and water art.

Who doesn’t love to watch the starry sky on a warm summer night? You can now bring your own starry sky into your home with this ceiling design. So you can enjoy this effect even in the city.

A blanket of gold stripes

children's room design ceiling gold stripes foil gloss

Instructions from Grace Mitchell.

A ceiling design of this kind gives the room elegance and luxury. One would think that it is a complicated and expensive amusement, and only chlorobromide silver paper was used for the design. The big advantage of this variant is that the paper can be easily removed at any time. So if at any point you get fed up with this look, you can start your new renovation right away.

The ceiling looks elegant

stripe blanket gold children's room armchair cot curtain

The design for the ceiling in a child’s room

gold children's room white stripes blanket bed changing table

 Ceiling design with wooden beams

ceiling design living room rustic beams white beige colors

instructions here.

This rustic ceiling design was created from a simple DIY project. These are wooden beams that have been attached to the ceiling in such a way that they form squares. The best part is that this idea is pretty cheap. And in the end you will be very proud of having created the blanket entirely yourself.

Ceiling design – first attach the wooden beams

DIY ceiling build wooden beams screws living room

Then paint the ceiling and beams

ceiling design wood beams diy paint white

Design for the ceiling with a geometric look

ceiling design geometric pattern modern white living room

Photo wallpaper for the ceiling design

cover design photo wallpaper flowers motif original

Accents on the ceiling with mirror tiles

ceiling decorate mirror hexagon chandelier design

Decorate the ceiling effectively with ribbons

ribbons blanket colorful original idea design chair yellow

Simple design for the ceiling with wooden or styrofoam panels

tiles wood styrofoam ceiling white pattern modern simple

tile ceiling pattern oriental moroccan design

design idea modern ceiling futuristic colorful geometric organic

ceiling design gold rustic elegant dining room design

bedroom stars sky ceiling design bed luxury

wood ceiling design idea pattern restaurant effective decoration

bathroom decorate ceiling wood gold yellow bathtub

room ceiling glitter star outlook design sofa telescope

star optics flat ceiling lighting led blue