Wall cladding

Artistic wallpapers from the Roma Roma collection by Yo2


the Roma Roma collection from Yo2 prints artistic wallpaper in a digital way with the choice of three color variations for each design. Each selected design is printed on high-quality non-woven fabric with the surprise effect of having real art on the wall, which is completely washable.

Artistic wallpaper – the details


The Roma Roma artistic wall paper are produced in the Netherlands. The flight strips are 46.5cm wide and 270cm high, although endless panels can also be ordered. If your walls have a different width and length, the wallpapers will be adapted individually. The material that the Roma Roma series uses is non-woven 130 grams on m2 non-PVC substrate with 50 grams on m2 photographic surface material based on acrylic water.

Artistic wallpapers from Yo2 with certain characteristics

Woman-Who-Sits-Roma-Roma Collection

The surface of the wallpaper is marked by textile fabrics. Roma Roma artistic wallpapers are noticeably stronger and more beautiful than most wallpapers on the market. The surface structure is washable and with controlled scratch resistance. Each element of the wallpaper has a surface resistance without expansion and can be separated in a dry state and attached again to the desired wall and place after renovation. It is important to use the right choice of adhesive. If the picture requires more than one panel, several rolls of wallpaper are attached next to each other and each panel is numbered. The application starts from left to right. Wallpapers are produced to the highest standards and guaranteed to be fire and washable.


The individual panels are recognizable but effectively presented


Washable fleece with beautiful printing inks


Art piece on the wall, like in your own art gallery 

Floor lamp with fabric lantern shade

Like real objects on the wall

Peacock-and-Birdcage Hangers

Art of printing on non-woven

a-classic-candle-holder-table-design-made of wood

As if embroidered by hand on the wall