Wall cladding

93 ideas for wall design with wood, stone, wallpaper and more

ideas for wall design brick modern plaster sofa blue

A modern and creative wall design can completely change a room. With a special play between patterns, colors and light, you can create something extraordinary. There are no limits to the imagination when designing your walls, but you should make sure that the decorations are stylishly harmonized with the style of the room. The basic colors and materials of the wall cladding should harmonize with the overall appearance of the room. Check out our Wall design ideas and discover the numerous possibilities how you can decorate your walls tastefully. Whether with wood, stone, plaster, paint, wallpaper or decorative wall panels, you will find the perfect idea here.

 Ideas for wall design with wallpaper

ideas for wall design wallpaper gray flowers carpet coffee table

The wall design can become an expression of your individuality. Choose your favorite colors, patterns and motifs that suit your personality and can influence your mood. If you want to design your living room walls with a lot of color and expressive patterns, then you can opt for pattern or photo wallpapers. However, they are no longer stuck in the entire room, but only on a wall on which the accent is to be set. The appealing photo wallpaper with flowers below goes perfectly with the carpet and the wall next to it in fuchsia.

Wall design ideas – floral motifs

ideas for wall design wallpaper floral motifs shelves romantic design

Design the wall with wood

ideas for wall design wood paneling living room sofa yellow cushions

Wall design made of stone

ideas for wall design stone plaster side table vase sofa gray textile

Wonderful mural as an idea

ideas for wall design wallpaper-living room-abstract-woman's face

Black wallpaper as a wall design

wall-design-wallpaper-living room-floral-pattern-dark gray

Floral photo wallpaper in the living room

wall-design-wallpaper-photo-wallpaper-flowers-suspended-ceiling-led-lighting-living room

abstract flowers in the bedroom


abstract shapes in the hallway too


design the door with the same shade

wall-design-wallpaper-dark-gray-bedroom-door panel

Wall design ideas with decorative wall panels

Ideas for wall design decorative-wall-panels-white-geometric-3d-pattern-dining room

Use decorative wall panels that will create stunning accents and effects in the room. They not only live on colors, but are also available in various patterns, designs and textures. They can successfully imitate wood, stone or metal and are suitable for any interior style. You can cover your walls individually or completely as you would with wallpaper. The 3D wall panels are a modern and attractive idea for decoration with relief and will give your walls an exclusive character.

3D wall panels are attractive in the bedroom

Ideas for wall design decorative-panels-wess-3d-bedroom-recessed-lights-ceiling-effects

available in different shapes and designs

Ideas for wall design decorative-3d-panels-diamond pattern-white-bedrooms

white wall and black ceiling

wall design-decorative-wall-panels-geometric-white-plaster

cozy sitting area

wall design-decorative-panels-living room-corten steel-optics

wall design-decorative-panels-stone-optic-fireplace-living room

wall design-decorative-panels-bedroom-backlighting-modern



wall design-decorative-panels-metal-effects-brown-living room-modern


ideas for wall design decorative-3dd-panels-wave pattern-hallway

wall-design-aluminum-wall-panels-3d-effect-dining room

Ideas for wall design wall panels-white-square-modern-living room-tv

wall panels-quilted-upholstered-black-bedroom-wall design

wall panels-white-quilted-modern-living room-wood-tv-wall

Wall design with stone slabs

wall design-stone-white-gas-stove-laminate-floor-living-room-white-furniture

The wall design with stone slabs can either be reminiscent of Italian walls from Tuscany, or have a robust look like in a mountain hut. They are often laid on the wall around the stove. In architect houses, the sturdy stone usually contrasts with a smooth surface such as high-gloss kitchen fronts or laminate flooring in a warm wood color. A special play with light can visually soften the rough stone.

wall design-stone wall-bedroom-wooden bed

wall design-stone-stairs-solid wood steps

wall design-stone-sandstone-wall-floor-lights-purple-rochideen-hallway

wall design-stone-sandstone-floor lights-dining room

wall design-stone-panels-dark gray-wood-stair stringers

wall design-stone-optics-wallpaper-kitchen-dining area

wall design-stone-solid wood-vanity-bathroom

wall design-stone-home-office-wooden desk-roof slope

wall design-stone-wood-living room-pitched roof



wall design-exposed concrete-reading corner-sofa-box

wall design-exposed concrete-contrast-laminate floor-living room

wall design-wallpaper-stone-look-bedroom-vintage-style

Wall design with wood

wall-design-wood-living room-invisible-interior-doors

wall design-wood-living room-wood-furniture

wall design-wood-untreated-wood-rests-living room




wall design-wood-bedroom-sliding partition

wall design-wood-shelving-system-handleless-geometric

wall design-wood panels-living room-fireplace-decorative-purpose

wall design-wood-panels-bedroom-brown-shelves-led-strips

wall design-wood-panels-shelving-system-built-in-tv


wall design-decorative-panels-wood-optic-backlighting

wall design-wooden slats-quarry-stone-opposite-contrast

wall design-wood-contrast-wood-stove-black-panels

wall design-wood-same-color-plank floor

wall design-wooden planks-re-used-bathroom-modern-furniture

wall design-wood planks-cladding-hallway-laminate flooring

wall design-wood-planks-black-glass-cut-out-living room

wall design-wooden-planks-yellow-painted-living room

wall design-wooden floorboards-dining area-steel stairs


wall design-tiles-brown-wooden furniture-recessed lights

wall design-brick-stone-red-white-wall-laminate-floor

wall design-brick-white-decorations-living room

wall design-brick-wallpaper-black-white-comic albums

wall design-brick-black-wall lights


wall design-brick-wood-planks-living room-deco-guitars

wall design-brick-dining-room-white-living wall

wall design-brick-quarry-stone-vintage-living room

wall design-old wood-white-sanded-console table

wall design-old wood-gray-color-natural stone wall-stairs-tiles-covered


kitchen back wall-stone-under-cabinet-lights-wood paneling

kitchen back wall-stone-exposed concrete-contrast-accent lighting

kitchen back wall-glass-stone wall-wooden counter



kitchen back wall brick contrast high gloss black cabinets

Fireplace cladding-stone-white-gas fireplace insert

Fireplace cladding-slate-gas-fireplace-corridor

Fireplace-cladding-sandstone-living room-floor-to-ceiling windows

fireplace cladding-natural stone-panels-large-format-floor tiles

fireplace cladding-gas fireplace-panels-metal-look-living room

Fireplace-cladding-quarry-stones-decoration-deer antlers