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7 cool tips and ideas for wall design

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White walls, painted carelessly and boringly or wallpapers that might have proven themselves in grandma’s living room, but have long since had no place in modern life? Such scenarios no longer have to take place within your own walls – after all, why are there endless possibilities for wall design? Many ideas do not require an extraordinarily skilled hand, not even a professional has to be commissioned with the design – unless tattoos, canvases or photo wallpapers with your own motifs are desired. This article shows what can be easily extracted from a barren wall.

Tip 1: the courage to use color

wall design color-pattern-black-red-white

It’s strange. Women in particular worry endlessly about what hair color they wear, but they do Walls in the home remain absolutely bare. The wall does not even have to be completely painted, because there is also the wall-related streak technique. Various vertical areas are marked on the wall with masking tape, between which a different color is finally painted. The bars to be painted don’t even have to be the same width. There are no limits to the imagination and if you like it a little more colorful, you can simply paint each stripe in its own color. If you have problems with painting, you can also consult a specialist. on homemarket.de Numerous compositions for an interesting wall design are shown, which can be booked.

Tip 2: design corners and niches

wall design-niche-use-lighting

Whether it is the dining area or the reading area – with the right color or wallpaper, a special atmosphere is created here. The corner is painted in a different color, but of course in such a way that the colors don’t clash with each other. A dark red in the dining area makes you hungry and, by the way, the red brings a romantic flair to the room. Earth tones are ideal for reading corners, and a beautiful gray behind the TV shelf. The bedroom can also be designed very differently in this way. A square is taped on the wall behind the bed, which extends slightly beyond the width of the bed. Now paint inside the square with a shade of brown. If brown does not match the furniture, any other color is of course possible. A tip: If you want to paint the rest of the walls or want a special effect, stick two strips next to each other with a gap of about three centimeters. The distance creates a picture frame effect.

Tip 3: use photo wallpapers

wall design-photo wallpaper-graffiti-look

Nothing invites you to dream more than an attractive photo wallpaper. They are available today in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns, so that one can be found for every home. Wallpapers with bricks are particularly attractive and perfect for every room with a fireplace. This does not mean the red brick wallpapers, which are still reminiscent of grandfather’s times. Modern wallpapers often depict rustic walls that quickly create a Mediterranean flair. Photo wallpapers with forests, lakes or romantic bays, on the other hand, invite you to dream – and often look as if you could walk straight through the wall into the forest or into the bay. By the way: the three-dimensional effect makes the room appear larger. Anyone who thinks that wallpapering is terribly complicated or who has already had tolerable experiences with adhesive coated strips of wallpaper should rely on non-woven wallpapers. Here the wallpaper is no longer painted, but the wall directly.

Tip 4: a starry sky in the children’s room

The children’s room should of course be specially designed. And there are dozens of ways that every child will be captivated. Does the daughter like the stars? Then a wallpaper with a starry sky can be used. Here it is even advisable to equip the slope or part of the ceiling with dark blue wallpaper. If you stick on self-luminous stars in different sizes, you are doing everything right. There are of course just as many options for boys. With the right wallpaper, the son travels to a different galaxy every day. A little modified, the walls can of course also be decorated with fairies, dinosaurs and many other things.

Tip 5: for quick decoration

wall-design-stickers-wall-decals-animals-socket-children's room

No, not everyone wants to use a paint bucket, brush or roll of wallpaper. Do you now have to do without a beautiful wall design? Of course not, because with wall tattoos in the most varied of variants, the detail is on the wall in a matter of minutes. One advantage: The tattoos can be removed without leaving any residue, so don’t put any renovation work on your to-do list when you move out. Without tattoos, but with lots of memories, specially printed canvases await. Many shops offer the service of creating your own canvases based on photos sent in. Whether the picture shows the sunset from your last vacation, the whole family in front of an idyllic backdrop or a glimpse into the last adventure – again only your own imagination sets the limit.

wall design-glass panels-photo printing-backlighting

Tip 6: the do-it-yourselfer does it

It is not uncommon for the multimedia corner of a living room to be an eye-catcher. But why does it have to be a corner and not the whole wall? If a wooden frame is screwed to the wall and wooden panels or the remains of the laminate from the last renovation are placed on the construction using a strong Velcro fastener, the wall shines in the most beautiful wood tone: An advantage: If you take the measurements correctly or small free pieces in the cladding except, the TV set and all equipment can be attached to the wall. Even the annoying cables disappear invisibly behind the attached wall. Should it be a little more unusual? Then LED strips can be attached to the edge of the construction and used for lighting.

Tip 7: unusual shelves

A shelf doesn’t have to come from the department store. All it takes is an idea, a jigsaw, sturdy wood and paint and an unusual shelf is created. Letters, circles or triangles can be sawn out – only the size should be appropriate. A little color comes into play by specially painting the shelves. Depending on the wood, spray paint is enough – now they can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Conclusion – just give it a try

With a little patience and imagination, the boring wall becomes a little highlight. If you have a bit of skill and a few ideas, you can create a work of art that cannot be found in every home.

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